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The need for Fifth Street crosswalk is real

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I want to thank all of the students at Ceres High who helped collect more than 950 signatures in support of safety on Fifth Street. As students at Ceres High, we see every day the congestion and hazard that the morning traffic brings on a school day on Fifth Street. We also witness firsthand the mad dash that comes when we head home after school and Fifth Street is once again filled with buses, bikes, and vehicles to pick up students.

In response to the story that appeared in the Ceres Courier on June 21 titled, "Fifth Street crosswalk requested," Ceres City Manager Toby Wells stated that crosswalks would create a "false sense of security." This is nothing more than Mr. Wells' opinion, not based on fact or research. If in fact crosswalks provide only a "false sense of security" why have them at all? Of course, we all know that would be unacceptable, unsafe, and most likely a violation of many traffic safety codes.

In addition, City Manager Wells blamed the school district for changing the pickup / drop off location "which created the problem'' according to Wells. What was not mentioned in the Courier's coverage was the fact that Fifth Street has been the pickup / drop off area for more than 25 years. Meanwhile, over the course of these years it has become a potential accident waiting to happen. This past school year a student was hit while riding his bike home after school and in 2011 a CHS staff member injured her shoulder in an accident involving a school bus on Fifth Street.

Parents and students that live in Ceres and travel Fifth Street understand the need for school safety signage and a crosswalk. I would hope that our city manager would take the time to visit Fifth Street during the school year and witness for himself the lack of safety students experience on a daily basis.

Gary M. Condit,

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