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There are other important issues than just water, ag
letters to the editor

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The farmers around here resent the fact that their congressman claims to be a farmer. He is the absentee owner of a tiny almond orchard. They are not sure how he can make that claim with a straight face if he hasn’t farmed in over a decade.

The workers who live in the district and do the two-hour commute to work daily wonder if their congressman’s farmer’s message is outdated.

Everyone agrees agriculture is an important part of the Central Valley economy but we have other issues which include: creating more living wage jobs here in the Valley, affordable healthcare, affordable housing, better education, solutions to our commuter problems,  immigration reform. The congressman may have worked on issues important to farmers but has neglected everything else.

By contrast, Josh Harder, his challenger, is addressing all of these issues and meeting people every week, everywhere and face to face.  Something Denham has forgotten how to do.  


Julian Benyayeb,



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