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Trusts Ted Howze on health, Social Security & Medicare

Editor, Ceres Courier,

One reason I’m voting for Ted Howze for Congress is that I trust Ted on health-related matters, specifically Social Security and Medicare. 

Not only is Dr. Howze a highly-educated large animal veterinarian with extensive ties to the medical field and community, but also Ted had a tragic experience of his own due to ineffective medical insurance policies and practices, so he speaks from the heart. As a veterinary doctor and as an insurance company victim, Ted Howze believes in “putting people before profit.”

Saving Social Security and Medicare are two of Ted’s key concerns.  Dr. Howze believes we can do this by cutting waste, fraud, and unnecessary payments to people who are not really eligible to receive them. 

This is not all. Ted Howze believes we should increase Social Security benefits to legitimate recipients and make Social Security benefits 100 percent income tax free!

Ted Howze is choosing us over big insurance companies and a government-run medical system. On Nov. 3, I’m choosing Ted Howze for Congress!

Lydia Kanno,


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