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Veterans says Harder is MIA in duties as a congressman
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Every election, politicians traipse out their support for veterans, like we’re a card to be played in their game with the voters. As a veteran, I get tired of being used in this way, especially when I have sought assistance from my congressman and only was given the run-around.

When I tried reaching out to get veteran benefits due to me, my congressman Josh Harder was of no help. He was just another politician who alleges to support veterans until a veteran comes to him for help. Then, he is MIA from his duties, just like he was in Washington earlier this year when giving his “proxy” vote to a representative from New Mexico. 

Well, for this veteran, I know that the first step in duty is to show up and Harder seems hardly able to do so. That doesn’t work for me. Instead, what I have found is that when veterans need someone to show up for them, that someone is Ted Howze. He showed up for Sam Satoriano who needed help with his veteran medical benefits, and Ted has shown up to listen to me. 

That is why this veteran will be voting for Ted Howze. 

Steve R. Allgoewer,


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