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Video games sap discretionary time of young and old alike

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Stanford researchers report they reviewed 82 studies trying to find a link between video games and violence. They found little to none. That’s the good news. (“Stanford researchers scoured every reputable study,” 5-2-23, Fortune)

The bad news is that Stanford, Fortune, and politicians who argue one way or the other about video games, all miss the point. They are standing in the middle of a dense forest and cannot see the full reach of the tall trees.

The problem with video games is that they sap the discretionary time of young and old alike, time that arguably should be spent on any of a myriad of other more productive endeavors, like face-to-face social life, raising kids, and participating in democracy.

I have a theory. Addiction to video games, porn, on-line shopping, substances, food . . . makes folks vulnerable to any crackpot political dictator who comes along promising to make things right for them.

Study that, Stanford.

Kimball Shinkoskey

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