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Vote as your civic duty

Editor, Ceres Courier,

With a big election coming up very soon June 5, we are now seeing all kinds of campaign advertising trying to inform voters on how to vote. The issues are many, and the number of candidates running for office is stunning. I think this is positive because voters have more of a choice.

I hope the voters would take heed and educate themselves on who they might wish on who they might cast their vote. I have a theory that the more each voter becomes inform about any election, the more apt he or she will participate and vote.

Some voters must be reminded to get informed and participate. I am impressed when there is a good turnout in an election. If you do not take an interest, then maybe only the few voters may decide the issues for us, and you may not like the outcome at all.

I hope all deem it part of their civic duty to vote each and every election, and then make it a habit to keep well informed on the candidates and issues. This is the best way I know how to avoid voter apathy.

Daniel Marsh,