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Wake up, voters! Your freedom is at stake Nov. 3

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The presidential elections are on Tuesday, Nov. 3. This election is not about Democrats and Republicans – it’s about American freedom. The United States is currently in a civil war from within that’s ripping this country apart. This war is between we the People, hard-working American citizens paying for everything versus the government, our public servants who pay themselves to give our tax dollars to undeserving special interest groups that fund their hidden agendas.

In less than six months we’ve see martial law, curfew, non-peaceful protests, riots, violence, vandalism of public and private property, destruction of our American history, violation of Constitutional rights, losing our American freedom and nothing is being done. And this is not COVID-19 doing this. This is willful intent to commit acts of moral turpitude done by corrupt non-Americans that have no value of life and nobody has the right to do what they are doing.

No freedom, no rights. Know freedom, know rights.

Right now we have less than 80 days before the election takes place. So what needs to be done immediately? To start with we, the people, need to become a force united. Censor social and news media for airing invalidated false information for promoting violence and hold them criminally and civilly liable for damages. Our election process is and has been under attack by other countries and special-interest groups using social and news media. What do we stand to lose if we fail to act now? We the people will lose our freedom of the right to vote that protects all our freedoms that Americans continue fighting for almost 250 years now.

We, the people, must take control of and defund all government staff employed by city, county, state and federal employees with a 10 percent cut straight across the board. Why? It was never intended for government to become an entity on its own. Government exists as our public servants to assist Americans through the bureaucracy and red tape. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a fact that American businesses would not exist if operated like current government.

Every American needs to vote and know what they are in fact voting for. If not for yourself, vote in favor of our children and grandchildren who can’t vote right now. Protect their right to be free just like it was protected for you. Win, lose or draw, regardless of who or what wins, support the outcome 100 percent. Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Craig Keesler,


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