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Were so PC nobody can think for themselves

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I really enjoyed your article about Glen Beck, and dumbing down America ("Feeling like the world is terminal with ‘stupid' published Aug. 9). Everyone is so politically correct anymore that the public is too stupid to think for their selves.

I agree with your article 100 percent. Why aren't the schools teaching or at least talking about why a school is named Lynch or any other item? Why aren't we saying how places get their names? Do they not think it's relavent?

We can't say "Merry Christmas."

We can't even speak truth about death, because it will offend someone.

We can't talk about Jesus but we can talk about being gay.
We can't mention our belief or faith but we can murder babies.

I appreciate your article. I hope everyone opens their eyes and reads it and learns something.
Thanks again.

J. Deering,

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