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Whats happening in California reminds him of Stamp Act

Editor, Ceres Courier,

What's happening in California reminds me of a little incident that took place approximately 245 years ago. A large country decided to levy a tax, known as "The Stamp Act", on one of its colonies. This tax was levied without any input by the colony. The country just felt they had the power to do whatever they wanted with no input allowed by the colonists. This led to what is known as the "American Revolution!"

Those in Sacramento must feel the same as the British crown felt. They have passed and signed a new and better gas tax that will raise the price of gas by 20 cents a gallon and diesel by 25 cents a gallon. Several bills were passed and signed by the governor at the same time.
Any idea how long it took for everything to be passed and signed? Same day presented on the floor! Did you have any input in the legislation? Can you afford more taxes or are you just filthy rich. I wasn't contacted for input and I'm not filthy rich. What is the money going to be used for and where will it go?

It will go into the general fund, where there is no accountability, and used for whatever they want. One of the bills will be taking over $15 million from the school grant monies for middle-class families and using it for higher education for illegals. Guess we know who needs to be cared for. Turns out the criminals in Sacramento care for the criminals who love to live in California and come here illegally.

It seems like we need a "California Revolution" so that we can be represented where the bills are written.

Dale Burnham,