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Where are the strong & vibrant social studies programs in public and private schools? Nowhere!

Editor, Ceres Courier,

America is currently undertaking massive construction projects to house our advancing material culture. That new culture of luxury and dependence upon benevolent autocratic power is designed to replace our once outstanding political and spiritual culture, just as it did in ancient democratic Rome.

The Roman Colosseum was built by the Flavian dynasty of Roman kings as “a gift to the Roman people,” in exchange for their giving up 700 years of democratic power. American politicians are building similar grand monuments to make America feel better about abandoning rule of law and our history of citizen participation in governing processes.    

Multi-billion dollar building projects are under way in infrastructure, professional sports, corporate offices, hotel/gambling, bullet train transportation, nuclear energy, chip manufacturing, performing arts, and, of course, America’s Wall of China at the U.S./Mexico border.

And what, pray tell, is being done to rebuild democracy and effectively promote the personal empowerment we regularly tell ourselves we love and want today? Nothing of real substance, other than flattering words and embarrassing hyperbole.

Where are the adult continuing education programs teaching about the history of democracy in this country and about the ongoing pattern of usurpation of citizen rights and responsibilities by ambitious politicians of both political parties? Nowhere. Where are the strong and vibrant social studies programs in public and private schools? Nowhere.

Kimball Shinkoskey

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