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Who are the real racists?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I Prior to the 2008 presidential election, a coworker, who is black, told me he was voting for Barack Obama. His reasons had nothing to do with Obama's politics or his ideology. As a matter of fact, he was not even able to tell me Obama's name, only referring him as the "black dude," admitting to me that he was only voting for him because he is "black."

With Obama getting the majority of votes and winning two terms as president, I suspect many voted for Obama based on his race. I am sure it was appealing for many to see a black president to break the color barrier and racial divide in America. However, those who did not vote for Obama and disagreed with his political positions were immediately labeled as racists for challenging Obama's views.

Many forgot their history that black leaders like Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglas were Republicans while the Democrat leaders like Robert Byrd and Harry Truman were actually members of the KKK. Society had hoped that a black president would signal the end of racism in America. Society thought Obama would represent all the people through unity. However, politics got in the way. Obama's strategy was to "divide and conquer" by putting poor against rich, young against old, and black against white.

Michelle Obama used this racial divide as she called police officers racist implying that blacks "get stopped or pulled over for absolutely no reason" inciting students at a black university to change this when she stated, "The first thing we have to do is vote."

Every case involving a black individual getting killed was implied that the motive was racism and as a result, there has been civil disobedience and destruction by those looking for a reason to rebel.

In Florida, George Zimmerman was called a "white" Hispanic after killing Travon Martin in self defense. In Feguson, MO, no evidence was found against a white officer who killed Michael Brown. In Baltimore, six officers were arrested after Freddie Gray died in custody. MSNBC news anchor Melissa Harris-Perry referred to the three black officers as "white African Americans" who "must have a substantial amount of white blood in them." In Ferguson and Baltimore, a lack of leadership allowed civil unrest as black communities were burned, destroyed, and looted.

The White House sent officials to the funeral of Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, and Travon Martin; but there were no White House officials sent to the funeral of New York police officer Brian Moore, who was shot in the face. And there were no White House officials sent to the funeral of legendary Navy Seal Chris Kyle.

Oprah Winfrey has gone so far to say, "White people have to die" and they "are the problem with America today." She even stated that those who oppose Obama are "racist." This rhetoric echoes Obama's criticism of the police and society in general.

Every time those who commit crimes and do wrong, immediately racism is their reason. To them, it doesn't matter that a crime was committed. If one questions the crime, you must be a racist, especially if you did not vote of Obama.

Those who cry racism are the real racist for using their race as an excuse when they are caught doing wrong.

Frank Aquila