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Why ban fishing at park pond after all these years?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

It is with sadness and also disbelief that I read in the Ceres Courier of April 5, that Councilmember Rosalinda Vierra, District 2 (who publicly advocates for the youth in our community), requested that fishing at Ceres River Bluff Regional Park pond be banned.

Why, after all of these years, has it now become a potential issue that a hook MIGHT create a hole in the liner?

Did Councilmember Vierra or city staff actually throw a line in that pond and see if it could actually reach the liner given all the silt and other things that are between the top of the water and said liner?

I know from many walks through that area with my family that it gave us nothing but happiness to see a young child standing at the bank of the pond with their family member fishing, and the joy seen on children’s faces walking to and from that pond with their fishing pole in hand, talking excitedly about the experience they had.

Councilmember Vierra’s comment on Facebook on April 20 “that the river is easily accessed from the park and is open to anyone” is not a viable safe alternative; why would anyone want to take a child down to the Tuolumne River edge?

Maybe, instead of making a free, child-friendly event illegal, Councilmember Vierra should have looked into getting a grant from the Department of Fish and Wildlife to stock that pond and then have a free kid fishing event!

Linda Ryno,

Former City Councilmember

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