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You cant compare assault rifles to knives

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Come on, Jeff - get real. You comparing knives and ice picks to assault weapons are like comparing apples to broccoli. These items are not weapons; they are tools.

I have carried a small pocketknife in my pocket since I was 10 years old (over 60 today) and it has not left my pocket in anger against anyone. I may be able to beat someone to death with a work boot, but it also is not made to be a weapon. However, an assault weapon is made to kill humans and too many times has been used to kill or injure in mass; not only adults but children and when modified can kill more and faster. You always hear "guns don't kill people, people kill people." There is truth to this, but I say the accessibility of a gun kills people and often en masse.

All down through history and even biblical history, human have been killers of their own kind. If we can't regulate guns let's regulate ammunition on a federal level. The Las Vegas shooter had perhaps thousands of rounds, somewhere there should have been a red flag. I am not for disarming people but we need sanity in our gun laws.

Lee Quinton,

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