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Young people should vote

Editor, Ceres Courier,

After seeing Dr. Siegel’s letter to you I felt prompted to write as well. I met with Siegel and other CVHS students recently to discuss equity for Ceres students, in which individuals shared experiences and discussed potential solutions to racism and racial bias in CUSD; something that has hurt our community far too long. Shortly after this meeting, your editorial of August 5 gained attention among people like myself, who you feel are “spoiled” and “entitled.” You voiced that my generation acts immature, like the “spoiled 13-year-olds rioting in Portland.” I find it ironic that you publish an article expressing that you feel my generation is not acting like adults, (as you used that word hesitantly), yet you rather immaturely generalize young people as rioters “[cast] under the spell of Black Lives Matter.” You claim that Generation Z is entitled, however, who is actually entitled in this situation? Is it the generation that is being critical of a government who has systematically oppressed marginalized groups throughout its history? Or is it the generation that turns a blind eye to such issues?

You may feel as though people under age 21 should not vote, but I can assure you that while biased media networks label Generation Z as an immature bunch of children, that is far from the truth. As Dr. Siegel voiced, not only do I think that the legal voting age is appropriate, but I heavily encourage young people to vote and fight for necessary change.

Davian Barba,


Central Valley High School

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