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Love of many will grow cold
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Monday's council meeting found Doug Hemingway lodging complaints about the speeding on Rose Way. He reflected on the blatant disregard for the speed laws and residents near Smyrna Park. He called for the police to do something.

In response to Hemingway's comments, resident Len Shepherd voiced his concern about "an epidemic of low lifes coming into the Valley."

It seems like we are all touched by a collective group who have no inclination to respect life nor others' safety and security. Houses in Ceres are randomly shot up by thugs who deep down have no sense of worth and translate that to wanting to make others miserable. As my pastor says, "hurting people hurt people."

While lawlessness is nothing new, I can say with relative certainty that kids under the age of 25 weren't going around shooting at occupied residence in Ceres in 1885. If they did, their daddies took them behind the wood shed and set their tails on fire.

It's obvious that are some who rate their own pleasure about the law and others. Don't believe me? What about the punks who pushed an old man to the ground as they wheeled a big screen TV out the door of Walmart last year? (By the way, how come their neighbors never report their identities?)

I guess I should not have been surprised when a friend who works at Central Valley High saw me wearing a shirt that I purchased at Hollister which is stitched with, "So Cal" across the chest would not be allowed at the school. Why? It's considered gang attire, you know, the north and south thing. I just like the shirt as beach wear. It seems the bad elements always have to ruin it for the good.

It comes as no surprise that the community is dealing with this senseless lawlessness. Those unfamiliar with the Bible probably don't know that Jesus was asked once about when the end of the world would come.In Matthew 24:3-14 he said look for a time of lawlessness and a time in which "the love of many will grow cold." His answer came about 2,000 years ago so we should have seen this one coming.

I've never been one to dwell on the end of time, but I do think it's a productive exercise to all search in our hearts and ponder how it's coming about that the love of many will "grow cold." If you ask me there is a direct link between the rise in crime and the overall poor health of the family unit as well as the growing abandonment of faith and pursuit of pleasure taking in its place.

Ask yourself if you are part of the problem or part of the solution. Are you taking a stand, like Mr. Hemingway, in denouncing wrong-doing and seeking solutions? Or are you the problem in need of some corrective action?

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