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Obama renegs on transparency pledge
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On Wednesday June 21, President Obama invoked executive privilege to withhold documents requested by a congressional oversight committee from Attorney General Eric Holder into an investigation of a government operation known as "Fast and Furious," which the government secretly sold 2,000 to 3,000 weapons to Mexican drug cartels resulting in the murder of 200 Mexican citizens and two U.S. Border Patrol agents. At first, Obama denied knowledge of the operation, which causes suspicion of the reason to invoke an order to block the review of these documents as well as the real intentions of "Fast and Furious" operation.

Many have now speculated that Obama and Holder worked together to secretly provide the Mexican drug cartel the weapons in order to establish credibility of evidence in the international community where American weapons would be discovered at the crime scene in an effort to gain international support to eliminate and control our constitutional rights to bear arms. Both Obama and Holder have publicly supported control and limitations of firearms and sited international law above constitutional authority on other issues.

Some may try to confuse the issue with a similar operation during the Bush administration called "Wide Receiver." "Wide Receiver" was an operation coordinated with the Mexican government using RFID tracking devises to build a case against the Mexican drug cartels. As a result, 1,400 arrests were made and the program was shut down in 2007 when the Bush administration discovered the cartels were removing the tracking devices. During the Obama "Fast and Furious" operation, no tracking devices were installed in the weapons and the Mexican government was not informed of the operation, which many believe it was designed to build a case against American gun dealers as well as building a case to limit or destroy the Second Amendment right to bear arms in America.

The cover-up unfolded after 200 Mexican citizens and U.S. border agents Jamie Zapata and Brian Terry were murdered by the same weapons sold to the drug cartel with no arrests made during the operation. Now, further questions have risen questioning why President Obama would invoke executive privilege on documents he claimed he knew nothing about. The American people, the families of the murdered U.S. agents, and families of the Mexican citizens murdered deserve answers. Are Obama and Holder misguiding the American people and being deceptive about the information being requested by congress? What was the real reason behind "Fast and Furious"? Why is there a cover up and refusal to hand over documents if there was nothing to hide? Obama and Holder are obligated to hand over those documents to the congressional oversight committee, so much for transparency.