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The media carried Obama to victory
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The liberal media deliberately ignored the truth in the last election and used their power to influence public opinion that carried Barack Obama to his presidential victory. While Barack Obama was the one running for president, we learned more about Sarah Palin as a vice presidential nominee in two month, regardless if it was true or false, than we did about Barack Obama in two years. Rasmussen Reports, an independent polling agency, discovered by a 10-1 margin, the public believed the media was trying to hurt Palin, portraying her as a "bumpkin from the sticks."

The media investigated a liberal blog's claim that Palin had faked her pregnancy to cover for her daughter, who was really the mother of Palin's child born last April. When it was revealed the daughter was pregnant, the daughter was investigated and the family was labeled as "trailer trash." The media then assumed Palin could not handle the vice presidency as a mother, a double standard never assumed on any man holding public office.

The media continued their assault on the family reporting a twenty two year old DUI from Mr. Palin, who was not running for office; but the media ignored to report Obama's past use of cocaine or marijuana as well as vice presidential candidate, Joe Biden's multiple plagiarism charges. Instead the media investigated Troopergate and which books Palin attempted to ban in a library.

We heard Palin was inexperienced; but she was the only candidate with executive experience. It was Obama who referenced that he had visited all "57 states." Imagine the media's joyfulness and scoff if Palin had referenced we had "57 states." However Obama's comment was dropped. Instead the media portrayed a lie that Palin had made reference of being able to see Russia from her house, a statement only made in humor on Saturday Night Live.

We never heard of Palin's visit to Iraq and her visiting the troops or her son's military service. Instead, we see the fake photo on CNN displaying a woman in a bikini holding a rifle with the face of Palin altered on the photo.

The media reports Palin as a "religious extremist" as a Christian while blowing over the radical and racist comments of Obama's pastor and mentor of 20 years.

The media even reported on the makeup Palin used; but did anyone hear about Obama's cigarette addiction or his inability to reveal a valid birth certificate to show he is even eligible to be president? We also never heard about Palin's 80 percent approval rating in Alaska or how Obama got his opponent kicked off the ballot in his 2004 senate race.

People magazine titled their magazine cover "Babies, Lies, and Scandals" while showing a family portrait of the Palin family. Yet an earlier People magazine edition showed a positive image of the Obama family. Another magazine even made accused Palin of having an affair; not to mention the same lies brought forth about John McCain. The New York Times submitted a story without naming a source that John McCain was also involved in an affair with lobbyist; but no media reported or investigated the Obama's campaign threats and intimidation to Larry Sinclair, registered Democrat from Minnesota who claimed he and Obama were involved in homosexual acts and used cocaine together in limousine and hotel room in 1999.

The media has always tilted to the left and according to the Project of Excellence in Journalism, 57 percent of the news stories about John McCain were considered negative compared to 29 percent for Obama.

The media's bias reporting was also reflected in a recent Zogby poll where those who voted for Obama could not answer questions about the candidates. Fifty-seven percent did not know which party controlled Congress, even with a 50 percent chance of guessing. Eighty-eight percent did not know Obama stated his policies would bankrupt the coal industry and make energy rates skyrocket. Fifty-six percent did not know Obama started his political career at the home of William Ayers, the leader of the Weathered Underground that bombed the U.S. Capitpl, Pentagon, and police stations. However 96 percent knew Palin's daughter was pregnant and 87 percent thought Palin said she could see Russia from her house, even though it was Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live who said that.

The media never ridiculed Obama for his claim of world experience since he has relatives through out the world. Maybe he was referring to his half brother, who is living in poverty in a hut in Kenya or his aunt, who was living in Boston and is in the U.S. illegally and living on government assistance.

I suppose if Palin had a brother living in a hut in poverty or a relative in the U.S. illegally, the media would have investigated and reported the information. Why not? They had no problem reporting lies about Palin or covering up the truth about Obama.

The media's blind eye to report fairly is really a black eye to our journalistic ethics. The media has failed to report accurately and fairly making journalism officially dead in America.