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Another Ceres resident told to 'Come on down!' at TV show
A game show emcee's declaration of "Sandra England, come on down!" started the heart palpitations for a Ceres woman who was soon on her way to winning a nice prize.

England appeared on Monday's airing of "The Price is Right" TV show and made it all the way to the coveted Showcase at the end of the show. England failed to win a trip to China and a Caribbean cruise but has a new Kenmore gas grill barbecue to prove she was there.

"It was so fun, it was so worth it," said England, an unabashed show addict who plays the online version of the game almost nightly. "Everybody needs to do that."

This was second time England was in the audience for the popular long-running TV game show but her first time as a contestant. On Oct. 12 Sandra watched Patricia Butler, a sister-in-law of her boyfriend, Jerry Butler, make it onto stage to win a brand-new Dodge Nitro. Sandra was determined to try getting onto Contestants' Row herself and on stage with Drew Carey to win her own prize. On Jan. 9 she succeeded as her sister and brother-in-law, Leslie and Dodd Seabourn of Ceres, watched from the audience.

Monday's viewers of the popular and long-running CBS-TV show saw the Ceres woman as she progressed from audience to contestants' row, and then to the stage after winning her barbecuer.

"I had to be told I won (on Contestants' Row) and I was so nervous I almost fell going up the stairs," recalled England.

While on stage England enjoyed interacting with Carey.

"I hugged and kissed him five times. He's so funny. He's an awesome person."

England played the "Higher or Lower game" and would soon learn the audience can't always be depended on for the right answer. A model came out displaying a necklace, earrings and a ring and was given a price of $6,186. The audience was convinced the price was lower and she went with them; but since the price was higher, she lost out on the dazzling prize. However, England got to spin the wheel to earn one of three spots to try out for the Showcase later in the show.

To win the Showcase, contestants spin a large wheel to see how close they can get to $1 without going over. England spun first, coming very close to landing directly on $1.

"Everybody in the audience was screaming and I was freaked out," said England.

Instead the wheel stopped on 15 cents, so she spun again, getting 45 cents the next go-around for a combined 60 cents. The spin of the second and third contestants rolled over $1, keeping England in the Showcase where she had a chance to "bid" on a package that featured a trip to China, a cruise in the Caribbean and a big screen screen TV. England bid $23,500 but lost as she went over the retail price of $18,000.

"We play online all the time and the trips are more," explained England.

The process of being in the Hollywood audience - and actually becoming a contestant, if you're lucky - is not without some sacrifice. While the show is free to watch, it can consume all day for the 330 audience members since early arrival is advised and there's quite a wait for the show to begin.

"It's almost like a whole day thing," she added.

England said contestants are chosen by a producer on a search for the most energetic and enthusiastic people.

Seeing two Ceres residents make their way onto the show has excited others to possibly try, said England.

"Now everybody wants to go," she chuckled.

She may go back but she cannot ever be called as a contestant for another 10 years, which is a rule of the show.

The Price Is Right, the longest-running game show in television history, is hosted by Drew Carey. Formerly hosted by Bob Barker, the Price is Right was nominated for a 2008 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game/Audience Participation Show.