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Area Christians gathers for Good Friday
Christians from many Ceres churches gathered at noon on Friday to observe the death of Jesus on a cross during a community Good Friday service.

The event was held at Grace Community Christian Church which hosted this year's event sponsored by the Ceres Ministerial Association. Pastors from at least six Ceres churches participated.

Pastor Steve La Farge asked the crowd to examine the different attitudes of those at the celebrated crucifixion and asked who they aligned with. He started out saying that he likes to shop at Costco where he also likes to examine others' buying habits as a way of learning about people. "You can tell a lot about a person by watching what they do," said La Farge, who then proceeded to look at the players of Christ's death at Golgatha.

He noted that there was a crowd that displayed hate toward Jesus and noted that Jewish leaders had contempt for him when they should have embraced him as the annointed Messiah of God's people.

Using John 15:9, he noted that "if you find yourself hated by the world, you find yourself in good company."

La Farge then addressed the indifferent represented by the Roman soldiers who cast lots for Jesus' garments as he died on the cross. He then warned even believers from becoming calloused and indifferent. Jesus may want our money, time and talents, said La Farge, but we can find ourselves "too busy playing games to notice."

The last attitude - that of love - was demonstrated by the mournful followers of Jesus.

"They were there agonizing over the death over the death of a teacher, a friend and a son," said La Farge.

Jesus hanging on a cross gives observers a look into the heart of God, who loved first, he said.

"The cross was about people ... He died for people. He died for us. God loves us so much that He gave the best that He could give."

The event included the singing of several traditional hymns, such as "Were You There?" and "Beneath the Cross of Jesus." La Farge also sang a solo, "Embrace the Cross."

An offering was taken to be used on needs of persons in the Ceres area.