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Army's Kevin Perry visiting home in Ceres before Afghanistan deployment
The family of Kevin L. Perry Jr. is very happy to have him a little while for the holidays before he is deployed to Afghanistan.

Perry is visiting his parents, Debbie and Don Burns of Ceres, until Dec. 12 when he has to report back to duty at Fort Dix in Clarksville, Tenn. He will be headed to Afghanistan for a year long deployment with 3,000 troops next month.

Kevin grew up in Ceres and enlisted into the Army upon graduation from Ceres High School in 1997. He was stationed in Germany for three years, worked at the Pentagon a few years and also spent four years with Special Forces while in North Carolina. Kevin also was among the first to be deployed to Afghanistan after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. He was a staff sergeant and is now a warrant officer living in Tennessee.

Also visiting with him are his wife, Angela, and daughter Caitlen.

"No matter how long time goes by, it still doesn't get easy," said Debbie Burns of parting after a visit. "But we will be strong for he is the one who has the hard part.

Anyone wishing to send letters to Perry during his time in Afghanistan may call his mother for details at 985-9973.