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Ceres couple celebrates 65 years of love
Carl and Cathern Atwell Reinhart were surprised Friday with a limousine picking them up to take them to a family dinner to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary which falls on Saturday, Feb. 19. The occasion gave them a chance to look back on decades of happy memories - as well as life's struggles.

Their special day was celebrated with immediate family members, including daughters Charlotte Carpenter and Carleen Barton. A third daughter, Cynthia Atkerson of Oregon, was unable to attend. Several of the Reinharts' seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren were on hand at a private family celebration following the dinner.

The Reinharts were married Feb. 19, 1946 in the Reno home of Christian minister Ted Vaughn. Their first home was on the South Central Avenue farm where Carl was born and raised. Carl was a cousin to Bill Noble who later wrote a Ceres Courier column on Ceres' past.

Their lives were wrapped around church activities and farming interests, including dairy cows, and the ranching of walnuts, grapes and almonds. They look active roles in Ceres Christian Church and were devoted themselves to good times with family. Retirement brought them to sell the ranch and move into Ceres for an easier pace of life.

Daughter Charlotte said the couple's faith was instrumental in seeing them through rocky times when crops failed and income was scarce.

"Their faith in the Lord and their commitment to Him helped to get them through," said Carpenter. "He's seen them through many things."

The couple now attends at Shelter Cove in Modesto.

Carl's parents, Walter and Hazel Reinhart, came to Ceres in 1917. He graduated from the Ceres High School class of 1940 and then was drafted into miltary service for World War II. When he returned he married Cathern, who came to Ceres in 1935 from Ibera, Mo.

During their marriage Carl served as a Boy Scout leader, the Raisin Advisory Board and the rural Ceres fire district board.