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Footnotes studio making its mark in dance
Footnotes Dance Studio is putting Ceres on the dance scene map. Because of hard work and dedication of coaches and team members, Footnotes teams have been very successful in the competition circuit this past season.

In November, teams attended a JAMZ competition at Stanislaus State University, where all five teams came home with first place trophies. The teams have also competed in Davis and Sacramento where they picked up a number of first place and Grand Champions trophies.

At JAMZ Nationals in February in Las Vegas, the junior and mini hip-hop teams scored second place. The senior and youth hip-hop along with the mini pom team placed first. The senior team earned the second highest score of the entire competition day. This win earned the senior team a partially paid invitation to the Dance Worlds competition in Orlando, Florida in April. At last year's event the team ranked 24th worldwide.

On March 15, Footnotes teams competed at the USA Nationals in Los Angeles. The senior, junior, youth and mini hip-hop and mini pom teams all scored first during the two-day competition.

"This was a dream come true for all competing teams to come away with first place trophies at a National Finals," said Lindsey Curry, owner of the studio and coach of the mini hip-hop team.

The icing on the cake was when the senior, junior, youth and mini hip-hop teams all placed as grand champions, a title given to the highest scoring team in each age division.

The senior hip-hop team - coached by Simon Anowia - received another partially-paid bid to Dance Worlds but had to decline as they already accepted a bid at another national competition.

The clean sweep at a national level had Curry beaming, along with coaches Simon Anowia (senior and junior hip-hop team), Russell Alcorn (youth hip-hop coach) and Annette Cadena and Kerry Rocha (mini pom coaches).

"Unlike many other nationally ranked dance teams, we do our own award winning choreography," said Curry. "My staff has thorough dance education and dance training in their genres which shows come competition time. Not only do we teach dance but we train our students to master their technique as well as their performance skills."

Curry's program offers master classes by working with professional dancers from LA and New York who travel to Ceres to teach all year long.

"We feel that exposing the kids to different styles and instructors will only help our students broaden their dance horizon. I have dancers who get off a world tour with Pink, shoot a Rhinanna music video, and then come to Ceres to teach a few classes. No other studios in this area are doing this for their students."

Janelle Ginestra, a finalist on the "Step it Up and Dance" show on Bravo, has been added to the Ceres studio's coaching staff to head up the jazz/pom teams at the junior and senior level with Annette Cadena. Ginestra has worked on such projects as Power Rangers, Bedtime Stories, Fire It Up, Bring it On V and she is currently shooting the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

"We are excited about our new season for Fusion and we have not even completed our current season," said Curry. "We will compete through May and then have our studio recital in June at MJC auditorium."

Footnotes teams will travel back to L.A. on April 10 to compete at the All-Levels International competition, a new event geared for top teams in the ages of 6 to 18. The senior team will not attend to prepare for the Dance Worlds in Orlando April 23-27.

Footnotes also houses a tap team coached by Brianne Ramirez who receive Gold on March 21 at Nextstar's competition in San Jose. Tryouts for the new dance competition season will be held May 16. Team contracts are now available at the studio.

The new season schedule will also be posted on the Footnotes website