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Stay-at-home moms enjoy company
Stay-at-home mothers need a little adult face time to add a little sanity and balance in their hectic lifestyle. That's where the Moms' Club of Ceres works its magic.

The club, which serves Ceres, Hughson and Waterford mothers, provides a unique social setting and allows for community involvement. The group hosted an open house Friday at the Hughson Family Resource Center in Hughson. The 38 members want other mothers to know how enriching meetings can be.

Harpal Chandar said the club was a godsend when she came to Ceres four years ago.

"You meet a lot of friends," said Chandar. "The moms get to chat while the kids play. We don't have a lot of kids in our family."

Leslie Fields of Ceres dropped by Friday to keep tabs on her club friends. She likes to socialize with the other moms even though her children are now in school.

"When they hear that I made it to the Moms Club they get upset they can't go because they have so much fun," said Fields.

The club's president, Melinda Ramirez, joined seven years ago after a neighbor told her about the organization.

"I had a baby at the time and I wanted to be with the other moms," she said.

The women meet on the first Friday of each month at 10:30 a.m. at the Hughson Family Resource Center on 2413 Third Street, Hughson. They often share ideas and emotional support for whatever the mom is going through, and plan fun activities to do together. Generally about three to four activities are planned each week. Besides going on field trips - they recently checked out Footnotes Dance Studio in Ceres - the women plan community service projects and have activity groups.

Ramirez said the moms will be putting together a Thanksgiving dinner for a homeless family next month and "adopt" a child for Christmas gifts. Members will also be participating in the Oct. 16 Autism Walk at Modesto Junior College. The club assists the Children's Crisis Center in Modesto on a regular basis.

Their recent participation in the Heart Walk generated $450 two weeks ago.

Members also co-hosted a night at the Modesto Nuts baseball game.

To raise money, members hold fundraisers like garage sales and haircut drives.

"It's a great club," commented Ramirez.