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Wildlife center opens doors for annual event
Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center is inviting the public to spend "A Day with Wildlife" at their annual fundraising event this Saturday, Sept. 17. Visitors will get the chance to meet wild animals up close and learn more about the species native to our area.

The Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center provides rehabilitation and care for injured or orphaned wildlife. In 2010 the center received 1,881 animals representing 124 different species. The center releases animals back into the wild whenever possible, but some cannot be released for reasons related to the health or safety of the animal. Some of these held-over animals become permanent residents of Stanislaus Wildlife Center and are used as education animals for public events and classroom talks. The education animals will be making appearances at A Day with Wildlife.

"This event is for the public to see what happens here. They just get a much better idea of what we do," said Stanislaus Wildlife Center director Donna Burt.

Burt said that most people who drop off animals at the care center only get to see the lobby. The wildlife center is no longer allowed to give tours of the care facility because of public safety concerns, but A Day with Wildlife gives visitors a feel for what the center does on a day-to-day basis. Visitors can watch a video of center activities, meet the animals, and listen to lectures from animal caregivers and the center's veterinarian.

Kids may participate in educational activities at A Day with Wildlife, including analyzing owl pellets and learning about each of the education animals. The center's animal ambassadors include several owls, a crow, snakes, a squirrel, skunk and several others.

A Day with Wildlife is one of the main fundraisers for Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center. The event is free, but the center will be collecting donations. They will also sell tri-tip sandwiches during the event. It costs an average of $60 to care for each animal at the Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center, and Burt said the center couldn't do it without donations from the public.

A Day with Wildlife will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. The center is located at Fox Grove Regional Park, off of Geer Road in Hughson - exit for Fox Grove Fishing Access and follow the signs for parking. For a complete event schedule visit