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Zen-ergy pins hopes on boxing 'underdog'
World class boxer Juan Manuel Marquez is the underdog up against Manny Pacquiao in Saturday's trilogy fight in Las Vegas. An estimated 700 million worldwide will view the fight.

What they may not know is that the products of a Ceres company will be saturating Marquez's body and clothing worn into the ring.

"If this man wins, we will have the bragging rights and it will catapult us into a whole new level," said Ceres resident Jerry Castro, CEO of Zen-ergy Technology which just inked a contract with the world-famous boxer in Mexico City.

Not only will the company be using Marquez's image on a special commemorative issue of their silicone bracelet embedded with product designed to offer strength and balance, but the famous boxer will be using Zen-ergy products as well.

Castro flew to Las Vegas last week to embed Marquez's robe, shirt, boxers, shoes, tape, Vaseline and water with Zen-ergy products.

"Everything this man touches - or has on - will have the alpha biotic high-end frequencies," said Castro.

When Castro had lunch with Marquez in Mexico City last month, the famous boxer was told how the product worked and he immediately used seven drops of "high frequency" water in his lemonade. Castro said the water is intended to "balance out his whole body."

Marquez wanted a million dollars for the contract but accepted a share in the profits on each band sold. Zen-ergy has produced 100,000 Marquez edition bands to be sold at the fight on Saturday.

"We were up against a few other manufacturers around the world that wanted this contract," said Castro. "We got the contract based on our product.

"We're a small company that produces a unique product that made its way into a big fight."

Zen-ergy (located at 2005 Rockefeller Drive, Ceres) mostly produces silicone energy bands but sells an array of other products embedded with frequencies which the company claims to have properties which offer a person better balance, reduce joint and arthritic pain and give strength.

"It won't make you feel any different," said Castro of the bands. "We don't turn anyone into super heroes. But they create balance, endurance, flexibility. They've helped hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, with migraines, syatic nerve pain, back pain and carpal tunnel."

In explaining how the product works, Castro said one must understand the concept that human bodies run on electricity. "If the synapses in your brain or the nerve impulses throughout your body do not fire properly, then your body will not function properly," the company website reads. Today's technology - including cell phones, lights, radios, computers and appliances - bombards the body with negative frequencies which travel through the body and disrupt the body's electrical system, Castro said. This causes muscles to misfire and takes away a person's balance, mobility, flexibility, and greatly enhances your aches and pains, he added.

"As soon as you put one of Zen-ergy balance bands on," said Castro, "we almost create like a force field around your body; we amplify the same alpha biotic frequencies found in your body to where it rebounds all the other frequencies to where they can't come into our body and disrupt our electrical system."

The only difference between Zen-ergy products and those of companies like Power Balance and EFX is the use of alpha biotic waves, natural frequencies found in the body only amplified. Manmade frequencies are used in competitor products.

Some have reported the product has enabled arthritic pets to again be mobile.

Castro said his products are embedded with scalar frequencies first discovered by Nikola Tesla, a scientist who lived from 1856 to 1943. Scalar energy never dissipates, he said. A normal frequency produces a single wave of a given amplitude, while a scalar frequency produces two waves that are exactly out of phase (opposite to each other), continually recharging itself.

Castro said his competitors use scalar technology only in mylar emblems on their band while Zen-ergy products are embedded in the entire band itself.

"After six months our product is even stronger," said Castro.

Castro said only three people on earth - including principal Alex Marmolejo - know the trade secret ingredients of the band, likening it to the secrecy of the formula of Coca-Cola.

The rise of the use of such power balance bands came about by famous athlete endorsements. While some dismiss the bands as hocus pocus, others suggest if they work it's due to the placebo effect. Castro said his mother - a retired doctor and big skeptic of the band - fell three times last year before she started wearing her band and has not fallen since. Her arthritis pain also went away, he said.

"She goes, 'Son, whether it's the placebo effect or not....I will not take it off because I have not come close to falling.'"

Castro offers his own personal testimony for his products. He said he used to have migraine headaches daily and "took aspirin like Skittles." Since wearing the product a year and a half ago Castro said he has not taken a single aspirin.

Another Zen-ergy product is designed to ground out EMF radioactive waves from cell phones. Cell phones have been suspected of causing brain cancers. Castro is talking to cell phone companies about use of his product in phones but noted manufacturers are worried about being liable for billions of dollars in lawsuits since use would mean there was a problem.

Castro said Zen-ergy was born in his Joy Avenue home but the burgeoning company set up its marketing, sales and distribution office on Rockefeller Drive office a year ago. There he also ships product from a warehouse to over 200 distributors on the west coast. Castro also attends trade shows and street fairs to promote and sell them.

Castro remembers making his first sale at a Ceres car wash.

"I told my wife, 'Okay we just sold our first band. Now we just need to sell millions.' It doesn't count if we see someone wearing the band in Ceres but if we go to New York... that's when we know we've made it."

Castro is in talks with Nascar to place frequencies on the Aaron Brothers race car and racing suit of Michael Waltrip.

"If they do will then they're going to introduce me to the entire Nascar family."

Castro feels good about the future of his company. He and his friends say they see Zen-ergy bands worn on celebrities on TV, such as Orange County Choppers. Waltrip was seen wearing a band on Showtime as well as motorsports competitor and stunt performer Travis Pastrana on MTV.

Zen-ergy also issued a special band/box for the Mexican Xoloitzcuintles soccer team. The company was also invited to the Pan American Games and spoke to the U.S. Olympic Committee.

"I'm traveling a lot and talking to people," said Castro, who met with former Major League Baseball player Esteban Loaiza and his wife, Jenni Rivera, a well-known Latin singer on MTV.

Zen-ergy's Columbus, Neb., plant produces approximately 100,000 units per quarter.

Zen-ergy bands retail for $29.95 and may be purchased at the Ceres office, 2005 Rockefeller Drive, Suite A, Ceres. More information on Zen-ergy may be found online at or call 537-7572. The Marquez limited edition band sells for $39.95.

The company also sets up school fundraisers, offering bands for $20 with a school keeping $5 profit. Ross Middle School in Hughson did a sale.

A native of the Bay Area, Castro moved to Ceres after marrying 1996 Ceres High School graduate Michelle Castro who loved Ceres too much to leave it. Jerry said he would never move back to the Bay.

"I had never even heard of Ceres and when she said Modesto ... I was hesitant but I promise you I would never move back."