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Bulldogs complete sweep
Ceres High School's varsity girls soccer team proved its 3-1 victory over Central Valley wasn't a fluke.

The Bulldogs dominated the crosstown rematch, 3-0, in front of a season-best 200 home fans on Wednesday.

Ceres High had to battle back from a one-goal deficit during the first meeting.

"We were focused in the beginning," Bulldogs forward Brittany Solis said. "We had more fire in us because it was our last game."

Ceres High never looked back after shutting out Central Valley 2-0 in the opening half.

Solis slotted a close-range shot past Hawk goalkeeper Elizabeth Amaya in the 21st minute. Brittany used her toe.

"I didn't expect it to go in," she said.

Estefania Hermosillo, Ceres High's best all-round player, scored from 18 yards out just before intermission. The ball rolled between Amaya's legs.

"After each goal, it (our confidence) got worse and worse," Central Valley senior Alicia Yori said. "The first goal took our motivation out of us."

Laura Barajas gave the Bulldogs a 3-0 lead in the 48th minute. Gisselle Madrigal assisted.

Basra, Brittany Valadez and Anicia Torres starred on defense.

"We're upset," Yori said. "I think both teams thought it would be closer. We could have won but just didn't work for it. We didn't have that internal drive."

Solis, Hermosillo, Basra, Jamie Beck, Olivia Moore and Veronica Reyes graduate in June. The six upperclassmen enjoyed a memorable finish to their varsity careers.

"We ended our senior year with a win," Solis said. "It feels good."

Ceres High and Central Valley both had high expectations for the 2011 season.

The Bulldogs finished fourth in the WAC standings (3-5-2).

The Hawks (1-6-3) placed sixth.

Ceres High dropped out of playoff contention late in the year.

"We had a great season," Bulldogs head coach Randy Cerny said.

Added Solis: "I'm just glad I was able to be on the team."

Said Yori: "We worked hard. We gave it our all."