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CHS, CVHS strive for growth in golf
Ceres High's and Central Valley's varsity boys golf programs will be striving for improvement in 2008.

"I'm hoping we can get better as a team," Bulldogs coach Scott Smith said.

Ceres High will be led by senior Ron Fry and sophomore Carter Silveira. Seniors Jesse Trejo and Adrian Campos, juniors Christian Rotonado and David DeMers, sophomore Kyle Cerny, and freshmen Vince Tomao and Tyler Story are also on the team.

"We got a good group of kids," Smith said. "They all joke around with each other."

Fry, Silveira, Trejo, Campos and Cerny are returners.

"If Ron and Carter don't shoot well, we're going to be in a hurt of trouble," Smith said. "They're the anchor of the team."

Ceres lost four of its most experienced players to graduation in Opie Openshaw, Tyler Smith, Daniel Martinez and Chad Hurt. Approximately 20 kids tried out for this year's team.

"We just got a lot of inexperience," Smith said. "We graduated four seniors. We just need to play matches."

Central Valley's roster consists of five seniors in Alex Morales, Freddy Rodriguez, William Woodard, Everett Merrell and Steven Welch, four juniors in Alex Stavrianoudakis, Erik Nijskins, Juan Americano-Sanchez and Sean McKee, three sophomores in Amitt Dosanjh, Jonathon Swanson and Adam Parikh, and one freshman in Ian Van Dyke.

Morales, Rodriguez, Woodard, Stavrianoudakis and Nijskins are returners.

"Alex and Freddy need to step up for us to be successful," Central Valley coach Mike Holliday said. "I'd like to see them improve by 10 strokes and the other four guys to improve by five."

Central Valley and Ceres High are members of the eight-team Valley Oak League. Sonora, Sierra, East Union, Oakdale, Manteca and Weston Ranch round out the conference.

"We're not going to win any matches against the top teams," Holliday said. "If we can get wins against Manteca, Weston Ranch and Ceres, I'd be pretty happy with the season."

"They (Sonora, Sierra and East Union) have a lot of experience," Smith added.

Central Valley plays its home matches at River Oaks Golf Course.

The Bulldogs' home contests are no longer held in Ceres. They compete at Don Pedro Golf & Country Club. The round-trip van ride lasts 1 hour and 50 minutes.

"It's long. It's hilly," Smith said when describing the course. "You got to climb."

Expect to see significant gains from both Ceres High and Central Valley in 2008.