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Wilson releases Bates’ first customized softball glove
Bates glove
Former Ceres High School softball standout Nicole “Sis” Bates has her own personalized glove with Wilson. The company started selling the A2000 SB22 Fastpich Infield Glove on its website this past week.

Nicole “Sis” Bates signed a multi-year endorsement deal with Wilson in 2021.

The 2016 Ceres High School grad/three-time All-American shortstop for the University of Washington/U.S. Women’s National Softball Team member now has her own customized fastpitch glove with company.

“Secret’s out y’all… I HAVE MY OWN GLOVE,” Bates shared in a post on Instagram on Jan. 18. “Holy moly this doesn’t feel real!!! HUGE thank you to @wilsonballglove for making little Sis’ dreams come true. Feeling so many emotions right now, but I know that 6 year old Sis would be so stinkin proud.”

“It was very humbling seeing the glove for the first time,” said John Bates, Sis’ father. “Reading the description of the glove on the website almost brought me to tears. I’m excited to see what’s next for her.”

“I think it’s so cool,” said Mike Corsaut, who helped coach Bates during her freshman year at Ceres High and was her U.S. History teacher in the eighth grade at Mae Hensley Jr. High. “She’s so inspiring to so many. Girls want to be like her. That’s a good thing.”

Wilson started selling the 2023 Sis Bates A2000 SB22 11.75” Fastpich Infield Glove on its website on Jan. 18.

Retail price is $299.95.

The glove description reads: Bates, the three-time All-American shortstop for the University of Washington, relies on her Wilson A2000® to reach every worm-burning ground ball and scorched line drive on the left side of the infield. She’s fastpitch softball’s premier defensive infielder, and she needs her equipment to keep up with fast-playing diamonds. The Ceres, California native takes every rep with the reliable A2000® 1787, a baseball glove pattern that she’s used since her college days in Seattle.

The A2000 SB22 can be purchased for $299.99 on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website.

Other sporting good businesses throughout the country have also started to sell Bates’ first-ever Wilson glove inside their stores, including Yours and Mine Sports in Modesto (416 N. 9th Street).

“They have them on the shelves right now,” John Bates said.

Coincidentally, Bates used to train as an adolescent at the now-defunct Tri-County Smash Softball Organization’s indoor facility, which used to be located in the same business complex as Yours and Mine Sports.

“It’s so cool,” store manager Ryan Nan said while talking about Sis Bates’ ties to Central California. “The second we saw she had her own glove in a catalog, we ordered them. I have five of them in stock right now.”

“Walking into a sporting goods store and seeing something branded by your kid is pretty humbling,” John Bates added. “You don’t dream about that stuff. My dream was for her to get a college education and contribute to Washington’s (softball) success. As we know, it’s played out a little different.”

Bates helped design her newly-released glove.

She selected the material, length and colors.

Bates has used an A2000 Wilson glove since she was 12.

“If you’re looking for an infielder’s glove, it’s a good one,” John Bates said. “She designed the glove for the masses. Not for her. Now, it’s for sale. She got me one for Christmas. It just hasn’t shipped yet.”

Bates has endorsement deals with a handful of other businesses, including Adidas, DeMarini and Blast Motion.

“It’s pretty crazy,” John Bates said. “She’s reaching things she didn’t think was possible. She’s making a living in the softball world. She’s trying to reach the next generation. She wants to help grow the game. This is a great avenue for her. 

“She’s morphing into a softball-business woman,” he added. “She’s going to compete in both worlds.”

“People aren’t always going to understand your vision and drive, and that’s okay,” Nicole Bates stated. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, of course. When I was young, I was told that I wouldn’t make it as a middle infielder because my arm was too weak. Cheers to the underdogs.”

Bates competed on the international stage in November.

She made her debut with the U.S. Women’s National Softball Team at the 2022 Pan American Championship in Guatemala City.

She hit .500 (13-for-26) from the plate with one home run, two triples, three doubles, nine RBIs and 13 runs as the Americans claimed the gold medal at the Nov. 12-19 event.

Bates just inked a multi-year contract extension with the Athletes Unlimited Women’s Professional Softball League.

She was named GEICO MVP following the conclusion of the 2022 condensed season. 

She made ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays twice for her defensive wizardry.

Bates starred on the University of Washington from 2017-21.

She was a four-year standout at Ceres High School.