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Bulldogs bond at River Oaks
Ceres Highs football team capped off its first week of practice with an overnight retreat at River Oaks Golf Course. Bulldog players did hill sprints on the 10th hole Saturday morning after completing a 2.5-mile run. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

More than 40 members of Ceres High's varsity football program bonded during a team retreat this past week.

Senior quarterback Chris Lubinsky and the Bulldogs practiced from 3-4:30 p.m. on Friday at Ceres High prior to heading to River Oaks Golf Course for their overnight excursion.

"The whole experience was great," Lubinsky said. "We all had a good time. I hope it's a staple of the program for years to come. It benefitted everyone who attended."

Ceres High coaches and players shared their thoughts during a team-bonding exercise Friday evening.

Lubinsky and Co. formed a circle around Bulldog leaders Bret Durossette, Brett Johnson, Brandon Moring and Ron Megee.

"That was a great opportunity for us to become closer," Chris said. "I talked about how much I enjoy being a part of a high-school football team. I wasn't allowed to play Pop Warner when I was a kid. The coaches talked about the history of the program and what they've been through. I really enjoyed hearing what everybody was thinking. We're all on the same page."

Bulldogs players worked out from 5:45-7 a.m. Saturday morning at River Oaks.

They completed a 2.5-mile run followed by hill sprints on the 10th hole.

Ceres High focused on conditioning, and executed offensive and defensive plays while practicing for two hours (9-11 a.m.) on campus later that day.

"I've never got a chance to be a part of something like this," Lubinsky said. "It was a great experience. It was exhausting but fun."

Ceres High capped its first official week of practice with an overnight retreat.

"Everyone has a common goal in mind," Lubinsky said. "We want to be the team that changes the fortunes of the football program. We have so much potential."