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Hawks, Bulldogs compete at Napa Valley Classic
Central Valley wrestling secures split versus Golden Valley
Central Valley's girls wrestling program finished 17th overall at the 23rd Annual Napa Valley Classic, staged Jan. 6-7, at Vintage High School. The tournament featured 129 teams. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

The members of Central Valley's and Ceres High's girls wrestling programs competed at the 23rd Annual Napa Valley Classic, Jan. 6-7, at Vintage High School.

The Hawks and Bulldogs finished 17th and 53rd, respectively, at the 129-team event.

Central Valley and Ceres High posted team scores of 70 and 30.

Chatfield Senior (162), Evergreen Valley (129) and Pitman (122) took first, second and third.

Brianna Espinoza, Vanessa Mendoza-Balbuena, Giana Breshears, Soriah Corona, Gabriella Ramirez, Taylor McGuire, Micaela Martinez, Marianna Carranza, Jayden Corona, Lexie Rendon, Itzel Romero and Tarnjot Kaur represented the Hawks at the Napa Valley Classic.

Espinoza finished sixth with a 3-3 record in the 237-pound weight division.

She beat Beyer's Emely Garcia (pin, 1:35), Lowell's Yanette Tran (pin, 1:56) and Golden Valley's Skyler Bruno (pin, 0:57).

Mendoza-Balbuena finished eighth with a 2-3 record at 191 pounds.

She beat Regis Jesuit's Natalia Adam (pin, 1:54) and Ceres High's Elizabeth Boyd (pin, 1:12).

Breshears posted a 3-2 record at 145 pounds.

She beat Highland's Alessandra Alvarado (pin, 3:55), San Lorenzo's Mia Torres (pin, 4:41) and Bella Vista's Kara Larson (pin, 0:53).

Soriah Corona posted a 3-2 record at 108 pounds.

She beat Middletown's Caterina Barriga (decision, 10-7), St. Helena's Sylvia Meyer (pin, 0:13) and Manteca's Alisha James (pin, 1:25).

Ramirez posted a 2-2 record at 162 pounds.

She beat Yuba City's Toddviena Jackson (pin, 2:46) and Terra Nova's Ariana Genato (pin, 1:40).

McGuire posted a 1-2 record at 152 pounds.

She beat Montgomery's Juliana Quintas Montes (pin, 2:55).

Martinez posted a 1-2 record at 139 pounds.

She beat South San Francisco's Dayna Ruiz (pin, 0:52).

Carranza posted a 1-2 record at 133 pounds.

She beat Leigh's Arshi Shah (decision, 1:55).

Jayden Corona posted a 1-2 record at 103 pounds.

She beat American Canyon's Ciarra Manibusan (pin, 0:56).

Rendon posted an 0-2 record at 128 pounds.

Romero posted an 0-2 record at 123 pounds.

Kaur posted an 0-2 record at 118 pounds.

Elizabeth Boyd, Makynzie Hale, Madeline Schultz, Dayanna Alvarez, Jadasa Haro, Alanize Moreno, Jazmyne Arendt and Isabella Nungaray represented the Bulldogs.

Boyd posted a 1-2 record at 191 pounds.

She beat American Canyon's Emelia Johnson (pin, 1:48).

Hale posted a 1-2 record at 172 pounds.

She beat Laguna Creek's Maya Brownn (pin, 4:36).

Schultz posted a 1-2 record at 162 pounds.

She beat Castro Valley's Aaliyah Zaballos (decision, 6-3).

Alvarez posted a 1-2 record at 139 pounds.

She beat Lynbrook's Rishma Khandelwal (overtime decision, 8-6).

Haro posted a 1-2 record at 108 pounds.

She beat Manteca's Alisha James (pin, 1:30).

Moreno posted an 0-2 record at 237 pounds.

Arendt posted an 0-2 record at 152 pounds.

Nungaray posted an 0-2 record at 103 pounds.

Hawks split with Cougars

Central Valley's wrestling program competed against Golden Valley last week.

Central Valley's girls team continued its run of success against Central California Conference opponents.

The Hawks improved to 3-0 in the CCC standings with a 54-30 victory against the shorthanded Cougars on Jan. 12 in Ceres.

"We're happy we won the dual," Central Valley head coach Brandy Cordova said. "We saw some areas the girls need to work on. They need to remember to use the techniques they've been working on in the room."

The Hawks won just two of seven contested individual matches versus the Cougars.

Central Valley was awarded 42 points on seven forfeits.

"Having a full lineup is a blessing," Cordova said. "It helps us in the overall points we get in duals. We knew after weigh-ins, we needed to win at least one match to win the dual."

Hawk Samantha Padilla won by pin (2:18) over Cougar Ana Perez-Hernandez at 111 pounds.

Giana Breshears won by pin (5:38) over Jasmin Carrasco at 143 pounds.

Central Valley's Brianna Espinoza won by forfeit at 235 pounds versus Golden Valley.

Vanesa Mendoza Balbuena won by forfeit at 189 pounds.

Alicia Espinoza won by forfeit at 170 pounds.

Gabriella Ramirez won by forfeit at 160 pounds.

Marianna Carranza won by forfeit at 131 pounds.

Lexie Rendon won by forfeit at 126 pounds.

Soriah Corona won by forfeit at 106 pounds.

Hawk Jayden Corona lost by pin (3:40) to Cougars Neveah Rodriguez at 101 pounds.

Itzel Romero lost by pin (3:20) to Emily Banda at 121 pounds.

Micaela Martinez lost by pin (3:15) to Elyse Flores at 137 pounds.

Taylor McGuire lost by pin (2:53) to Ashly Gamino-Navarrete at 150 pounds.

Tarnjot Kaur lost by pin (1:25) to Sammie Vasquez at 116 pounds.

Central Valley's depleted boys team suffered a 64-5 loss.

"We knew they were going to be tough," Hawks' head coach Rob Beckhart said. "The hope was to keep it close. It was an uphill battle. We had kids that were out hurt and sick. I'm proud of the kids who wrestled."

Central Valley dropped to 1-2 in the CCC standings.

"There's no easy duals," Beckhart said. "We have to wrestle hard every match."

"Were young," he added. "I have a great group of kids. All of the kids are getting better. I'm excited for the future."

The Hawks won just two individual matches versus the Cougars.

"They'll be competing with Merced for the league championship," Beckhart said. "They didn't lose many kids (to graduation). Their coach has been around for 35 years."

Central Valley's Angel Melgoza and Samuel DeLeon collected victories against Golden Valley.

Melgoza improved his CCC record to 3-0 with a 9-8 win over Jayden Richards in the 152-pound weight division.

"Angel knows what it takes to compete and puts the time in to get there," Beckhart said.

DeLeon made his CCC season debut. He was on vacation the previous three weeks.

DeLeon won by decision (8-1) over Bartholomew Espar-Joza at 285 pounds.

"Samuel always tries hard," Beckhart said. "He's gaining confidence. We'll see how he does as the season progresses. We think there's a big upside for him."

Hawk Joey Zuniga lost by decision (7-6) to Cougar Azariah Barajas at 126 pounds.

David Contreras lost by decision (7-3) to Chufu Her at 106 pounds.

Adan Garcia lost by major decision (12-2) to Ian Thor at 138 pounds.

Albert Gonzales lost by pin (2:26) to Aizen Molina at 145 pounds.

Caleb Beckhart lost by pin (1:23) to Elijah Solis at 113 pounds.

Anthony Diaz lost by pin (0:52) to Abel Lopez at 182 pounds.

Kenneth Orrin lost by pin (0:42) to Austin Mello at 170 pounds.

Julian Gonzalez lost by pin (0:38) to Isaac Le Blanc at 160 pounds.

Emilio Castillo lost by pin (0:31) to Jacob Partida at 120 pounds.

Mahkai Smith lost by pin (0:17) to Raymond Miller at 285 pounds.

Kyle Crum lost by pin (0:11) to Jiovanni Perez at 195 pounds.

Central Valley lost by forfeit at 132 pounds.

The Hawks will compete at Atwater tomorrow.