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Honoring the best
Central Valleys Nayeli Pelayo, pictured with head coach Rob Beckhart, has been named the Couriers Female Athlete of the Year. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

Top male athlete-Jaden Cooper (Ceres High boys wrestling)

Top female athlete-Nayeli Pelayo (Central Valley girls wrestling)

Male newcomer-Elijah Hughes (Ceres High boys basketball)

Female newcomer-Carla Martinez (Central Valley girls wrestling)

Head coach-Miguel Larranaga (Central Valley girls soccer)

Team-Central Valley girls soccer

Honorable mention-Ceres High's Spencer Nelson (boys wrestling), Daniel McElwain (boys wrestling), Ethan Letras (boys wrestling), Shanald Lal (boys wrestling), Sonald Lal (boys wrestling), Austin Hanshew (boys wrestling), Hillary Ortega (girls wrestling), Inder Sandhu (boys basketball), Saul Ruiz (boys soccer), Christian Martinez (boys soccer), Freddi Lopez (boys soccer), Mariah Trevino (girls soccer), Siriana Gudino (girls soccer), Jacqueline Ruiz (girls soccer), Miranda Larranaga (girls soccer), Miranda Wilds (girls soccer) and Kalyani Hermosillo (girls soccer), and Central Valley's James Murphy (boys wrestling), Ryan Palecek (boys wrestling), Brianna Quiroz (girls wrestling), Aryanna Jimenez (girls wrestling), Ellena Markham (girls wrestling), Olivia Chaboya (girls wrestling), Emily Mendoza (girls wrestling), Natalie Torres (girls wrestling), Max Sanchez (boys basketball), Angel Arellano (boys soccer), Victor Torres (boys soccer), Gerardo Flores (boys soccer), Isaac Juarez (boys soccer), Jocelyn Lopez (girls soccer), Abigail Martinez (girls soccer), Citlaly Salinas (girls soccer), Mariana Garibay (girls soccer), Jackie Sanchez (girls soccer), Emely Lopez (girls soccer), Mixtly Vega (girls soccer) and Amanda Calvo (girls soccer).