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Memorable season for CV, Ceres High sports
CV made program history in varsity boys cross country
Veronica Moreno, pictured with Central Valley varsity boys cross country runner Chase Bogart, has been named the Couriers Coach of the Year. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

Top male athlete-Andres Rojo (Central Valley boys cross country)

Top female athlete-Camryn Elness (Ceres High girls water polo)

Male newcomer-Dalton Durossette (Ceres High football)

Female newcomer-Amelia Daoheung (Central Valley girls golf)

Head coach-Veronica Moreno (Central Valley boys cross country)

Team-Central Valley boys cross country

Game-Central Valley-Ceres High football

Honorable mention-Ceres High's Andrew Gibson (football), Elias Saldana (football), Andrew Alcala (football), David Johnson (boys water polo), Caleb Cannella (boys water polo), Ethan Letras (boys water polo), Elliott Lewis (boys water polo), Camryn Silva (girls water polo), Emily Campidonica (girls water polo), Noelia De Leon (girls water polo), Savannah Zielke (girls water polo), Vivian Moreno (girls tennis), Camille Vega (girls tennis), Harmen Bahia (girls tennis), Madison Nash (girls volleyball), Alyssa Stiles (girls volleyball) and Ariana Medina (girls golf), and Central Valley's Estevan Barragan (football), David Serrano (football), Vincent Bocanegra (football), Nasson Sanchez (football), Isaiah Sanchez (boys cross country), Chase Bogart (boys cross country), Favio Gonzalez (boys cross country), Enrique Martinez (boys cross country), Guadalupe Becerra (girls tennis), Gianna Arce (girls tennis), Sunaina Dhillon (girls tennis), Brianna Quiroz (girls volleyball), Paulina Diaz (girls golf) and Emily Almanza (girls golf).