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Siblings team up
• Brothers, sisters enjoy competing together in high school
The Homsombath brothers, Jayson and Visa, suited up for Ceres High’s boys golf team this spring. Visa and Jayson filled the No. 1 and 2 spots in the Hawks’ starting lineup.

Central Valley and Ceres High had multiple sets of siblings play sports together this spring.

The Lloyd sisters of Central Valley, Scarlett and Victoria, teamed up for the first time as members of Central Valley’s varsity softball program.

“It was fun having her there every second of my last year,” said Scarlett, a senior. “We made a lot of memories together. My favorite memory was after striking someone out, she’d come up to me and say, ‘I bet you can’t do it again.’ We also had a handshake. We did it after every out. We’d slap our hands, gloves and feet. It’s complicated describing it.”

“We’re going to remember this for a long time because it was our only year playing together,” said Victoria, a freshman. “It was an amazing experience. I look up to her a lot. She’s always been there for me on and off the field.”

Lloyd sisters
The Lloyd sisters, Victoria and Scarlett, teamed up for the first time as members of Central Valley’s softball program. Victoria and Scarlett hit third and fourth, respectively, in the Hawks’ batting order. - photo by Dale Butler

A four-year standout, Scarlett logged playing time at first base when she didn’t pitch.

She hit .562 from the plate with four homers, three triples, three doubles, 19 RBIs and 15 runs while batting cleanup for the Hawks.

Victoria started at third base.

She hit .269 with two triples, three doubles, nine RBIs and 10 runs as Central Valley’s No. 3 batter.

“We’re both really competitive when it comes to softball,” Scarlett said. “Her drive pushed me and vice versa.”

“She (Scarlett) helped me grow mentally and with my mechanics and footwork,” Victoria stated. “She was a motivator.”

“When the ball was hit to her, she’d always make the play,” Scarlett added. “She had my back. She also found a way to help our team score runs. She’s going to continue to get better because of her work ethic, drive and talent. She can do everything I’ve done, maybe surpass it by a little bit.”

Teammates outside of school when they were younger, Justin and Josh Prestridge suited up for Ceres High’s varsity baseball squad in 2020.

Justin was all smiles when he found out Josh earned a spot on the team as a ninth-grader.

“We played t-ball and one or two tournaments of travel ball together,” said Justin a senior. “Before the high school season started, I kept telling him (Josh) he was going to play varsity baseball. I spoke it into existence. I’m proud of the way he proved himself. Nobody can say he doesn’t work hard. He was an example even as a freshman. He’s only going to get better. I can’t wait to see what’s he’s able to do.”

The Prestridge brothers, senior Justin and freshman Josh, played baseball together at Ceres High this spring.

“We always wanted to play on the same high school team,” Josh said. “Having him on the mound and having me field for him was pretty nice. I got to spend more time with him. When I was in middle school, he’d come home late and I wouldn’t see him.”

Justin, a first baseman/leftfielder, collected two hits, one RBI, three runs and five walks during his final season with the Bulldogs.

Josh, a third baseman, totaled four hits, one RBI, three runs and six walks.

“We made up a handshake over the season,” Josh said. “It’s three taps, a salute, and at the end you do a little dance move.”

“Playing together, it’s not competitive,” Justin stated. “I try to lead by example. We both learn from each other. The attitude he has in the dugout is never negative. His work ethic is something I strive to have. He’s a helluva ball player.”

“He’s kind of like a personal coach on the field,” Josh added. “He tries to help me get better.”

The Homsombath brothers, Visa and Jayson, filled the No. 1 and 2 spots in the Ceres High varsity boys golf team’s lineup.

“Having my brother on the team is amazing,” said Visa, a junior. “I’m so happy. We always wanted to play golf together.”

“It was a fun experience,” added Jayson, a freshman.

Visa and Jayson always tried to one-up each other during practices and matches.

They compiled a 1-1 head-to-head record against each other during the dual season.

Visa shot a 93, while Jayson carded a 96 against Beyer.

Jayson had a 38, while Visa posted a 40 versus Orestimba.

“It’s a competitive rivalry,” Visa said. “We’re brothers. We always try to beat each other. We push each other to be better players.”

“When we compete against each other, we talk a lot of trash,” Jayson said. “We’re making each other stronger, mentally.”

Andy and Willy Souksavath were members of Central Valley’s varsity boys for the second year in a row.

“It made tennis more fun,” Andy said. “It got competitive when we practiced together. Even when we ran laps around the court to warm up, I tried to be first and he’d try to catch up.”

Andy, a senior, started at No. 3 singles, for the Hawks.

Willy, a sophomore, split playing time at No. 5 and 6 singles.

“We have similar stories,” Andy said. “We both played exhibition matches our freshmen years. We played singles sophomore year.”

The Souksavath brothers, Andy and Willy, played singles on Central Valley’s boys tennis team.