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Courier award winners
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The winter sports season was filled with many highlights. Now is the perfect time to recollect and celebrate by singling out top individual and team efforts.

Male athlete: Argel Arroyo (Ceres High boys wrestling)

Female athlete: Brianna Quiroz (Central Valley girls wrestling)

Male newcomer: Michael Miller (Central Valley boys wrestling)

Female newcomer: Samantha Espinoza (Central Valley girls wrestling) and Vanessa Sanchez (Ceres High girls wrestling)

Male breakout: Elias Saldana (Ceres High boys wrestling)

Female breakout: Jacqueline Ruiz (Ceres High girls soccer)

Team: Ceres High boys soccer

Coach: Danny Barragan (Ceres High boys soccer)

Honorable mention: Ceres High’s Saul Ruiz (boys soccer), Victor Hurtado (boys soccer), Ivan Arita (boys soccer), Andres Madriz (boys soccer), Luis Medina (boys soccer), Leo Trujillo (boys soccer), Rafael Guzman (boys soccer), Mariah Trevino (girls soccer), Kalyani Hermosillo (girls soccer), Siriana Gudino (girls soccer), Adela Covarrubias (girls soccer), Joshua Dominguez (boys wrestling), Joshua Ofisa (boys wrestling), Diego Armas (boys wrestling), Angel Figueroa (boys wrestling), Edison Jimenez (boys wrestling), Sonald Lal (boys wrestling), Fernando Gonzalez (boys wrestling), Kyara Rodriguez (girls wrestling), Suzy Rodriguez (girls wrestling), A.C. Lugo (girls wrestling), Jazzmin Suarez (girls wrestling), Angelique Alvarado (girls wrestling), Elijah Hughes (boys basketball), Christian Murray (boys basketball), Camryn Silva (girls basketball) and Mia Rodriguez (girls basketball), and Central Valley’s Gerardo Flores (boys soccer), Erick Martinez (boys soccer), Gilberto Flores (boys soccer), Cesar Grajeda (boys soccer), Victor Torres (boys soccer), Isaac Juarez (boys soccer), Edivaldo Yepez (boys soccer), Jocelyn Lopez (girls soccer), Abigail Martinez (girls soccer), Mixtly Vega (girls soccer), Jackie Sanchez (girls soccer), Citlaly Salinas (girls soccer), Jocelyn Rodriguez (girls soccer), Lillianna Cruz (girls soccer), Ryan Palecek (boys wrestling), Natanael Lezama (boys wrestling), Ruben Valenzuela (boys wrestling), Kyle Hendrix (boys wrestling), Aryanna Jimenez (girls wrestling), Carla Martinez (girls wrestling), Nia Carraway, Max Sanchez (boys basketball) and Grant Neag (boys basketball).