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Varsity, JV scrimmage
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Assistant coach Greg Degenstein directed the first-team offense during the Ceres Cowboys varsity football team's practice session on Aug. 8.

"This is the start of our fourth week," Degenstein said. "Our sixth day with pads on. All things considering, we're in good shape."

Degenstein implemented a game plan for the Delta-Youth Football League Jamboree, a 18-team scrimmage, held in Manteca during the weekend.

"It's a chance for the whole league to get together," Degenstein said. "Basically practice games. That's the whole idea behind it."

The Cowboys worked on their offense on Monday and Wednesday. They worked on defense on Tuesday and Thursday. On Friday, they reviewed both.

"It's hard to learn new stuff," Degenstein said. "It's not natural yet."

Whenever somebody made a mistake, Degenstein provided encouragement. Then demanded perfection.

"Run it again," he said.

The Jamboree was held at Sierra High School on Sunday.

The Cowboys scrimmaged against the Stockton Vikings, Stockton Bears, Stockton Bengals and Tracy Cougars. The games lasted 20 minutes. Each team logged 10 minutes on both offense and defense.

"They took it to all four teams," said Cowboys President Reg Evans. "They weren't intimidated."

The Cowboys kickoff the 2005 season against the Stockton Bears on Aug. 27 at Ceres High School. This year's team features 25 players.

"We have athletes," Degenstein said. "We should be okay."

JV squad dominates

Ceres participated in the DYFL Jamboree Scrimmage on Saturday.

The Cowboys played four 20-minute games against the Stockton Ravens, Stockton Bears, Stockton Vikings and Tracy Cougars.

"We raised some eyebrows out there," said Ceres defensive coordinator Reg Evans. "There was a lot of compliments."

The Cowboys excelled on offense and defense.

"We looked good on both sides of the ball," Evans said.

"We were clearly the aggressors."

Ceres' rushing attack reigned. Alonzo Lacy, Dayjohn Sallie and Dominick Walker accounted for five of the Cowboys' touchdowns. Lacy and Sallie both scored twice. Walker scored once.

Tight end Chad Atchison caught a touchdown pass.

"The offensive line did a fantastic job," Evans said.

The Cowboys had a host of contributors on defense, including Walker, Atchison, Estevan Flores, D.J. Cordero, Chris Francis and Brent Ward.

"There wasn't really a significant drop-off, defensively," Evans said. "We were rotating kids in and out."

Ceres' coaching staff will establish a depth chart this week. The Cowboys practice Monday through Friday, from 6-8 p.m., at Mae Hensley Jr. High School. - By DALE BUTLER / Staff reporter of the Ceres (Calif.) Courier