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Speeding teen leads police on chase
Ceres Cop Car

A 17-year-old Ceres boy was arrested Friday evening, July 22, after leading police on a high-speed pursuit through the streets of Ceres.

The boy, whose identity was not released because of a state law protecting the identities of minors, was found with a set of brass knuckles in his pants pocket. He was booked into Juvenile Hall on charges of evading police and possession of brass knuckles.

His 17-year-old Ceres passenger was taken home and released to his parents.

The incident started at 10:29 p.m. when Ceres Police Sgt. Travis Hudson was patrolling westbound on Evans Road. As he approached the intersection with Herndon Road, Hudson saw a small newer vehicle turn eastbound onto Evans Road at a high rate of speed. As Hudson was making a U-turn to catch up to the vehicle it accelerated eastbound on Evans Road.

The suspect shot through the four-way stop intersection of Evans Road and Richland Avenue at a high rate of speed. Hudson attempted to make a stop on the vehicle but the driver failed to yield.

The chase reached speeds of approximately 50 mph through a residential area, blowing through the stop sign on southbound Central Avenue. The driver swerved into oncoming traffic to make the turn onto Central Avenue. The car turned west onto Darrah Street where it stopped in to let out a rear passenger who fled on foot south through the apartments. The vehicle then sped off onto Memorial Avenue and east on Sequoia Avenue. The driver again accelerated and passed through the intersection of Central Avenue and Sequoia Avenue without stopping. It accelerated to around 55 mph through the residential area until it turned south onto Moffett Road and accelerated. Hudson followed and watched as the vehicle passed through the intersection of Moffett Road and Garrison Avenue without slowing for the stop sign. He then passed through the busy intersection of Moffett Road and Whitmore Avenue after slowing only slightly for the red light. It continued south through the intersections of Magnolia and Ninth streets, and at Lawrence and Ninth streets without slowing for the stop signs.

Officers positioned vehicles in the area of 3200 Ninth Street to box in the suspect. The teen was forced to a stop in front of 3229 Ninth Street at which time he and the remaining passenger put their hands in the air. Officers removed the occupants at gunpoint. Both were taken into custody without incident.