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Council rejects claim over accident on darkened street
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The Ceres City Council has rejected a claim filed by a man who was struck by a bus in early 2012 on a darkened section of Whitmore Avenue where street lights had gone out.

James Haley was using a walker as he was walking eastbound across Whitmore Avenue at Ninth Street on the rainy dawn morning of Feb. 13 when he was struck by a county START bus. He said two of four street lights were not working and that the "negligence of the city led to darkness that contributed to the accident. Haley also said he didn't learn of the street lights being out until Storer Transit Systems made mention of it some 10 months after collision.

Manuel Moreno, the bus driver, said the dark conditions did not allow him to see Haley, who was wearing dark-colored clothing, in the crosswalk as he was making a right turn until it was too late.

Haley told police he had pushed the pedestrian light button to cross Ninth Street.

The bus sustained no damage and police say Haley had minor abrasions to his skin.