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Del Nero, Kachel reappointed to Planning Commission
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Robert "Bob" Kachel and Gary Del Nero will continue to serve on the Ceres Planning Commission. The two were reappointed by the Ceres City Council on Dec. 12.

The new terms start Dec. 31 and run for four years.

The city received three other applications from citizens but since the city is undergoing an update of the General Plan the mayor considered their experience to be an overriding consideration.

"The General Plan is one of the highest priorities," said Ceres City Manager Toby Wells. "From a staff perspective we do feel that that would be consistent for those existing two members to serve on the Planning Commission to get us through the completion of the General Plan but again it's the mayor's recommendation."

Mayor Chris Vierra agreed.

"I believe for the continuity of the traction that we've already made, that it would be in our best interest to continue with the two planning commissioners that we have to get through the General Plan update process," said Mayor Vierra. "I would not want to have that kind of go back and start all over again if other individuals were to come on. Not to say that would happen but I think given the experience in what they've done it would be good to have them continue through that process."

Kachel is a former Stanislaus County Planning Department planner.

Del Nero is a retired Stanislaus County Sheriff's deputy who spent considerable time in Keyes.

The other members of the Ceres Planning Commission are Luis Molina, Laurie Smith and Couper Condit.