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New electric service rules approved by TID board of directors

Turlock Irrigation District directors met once again to discuss a number of electric service rules, as well as approve a new rule that will address self-generation of power.

"We've been depicted as basically being anti-solar and I just don't want this to be another object along the way," said Director Charles Fernandes in response to the proposed revisions on Dec. 16.

Included in the proposal was a revision to Electric Service Rule 22, which focuses on net-metered generation.
Effective in the beginning of January, Residential Net Metering customers with less than 10 kilowatts of initial interconnection capacity may increase said capacity to cover their existing load up to 11 kw. RNT customers with 10 kw or more and Non-residential Net Metering customers may increase by a maximum of 10 percent to cover their existing load.

Additionally, customers who are interested in aggregating their generation against load at multiple meters on their property or contiguous properties are not eligible to receive compensation for excess generation and are subject to a $1,000 aggregation charge.

Staff also presented new Electric Service Rule 23 to the Board on Tuesday, which addressed self-generation. According to TID, this rule applies to customers who voluntarily request and qualify for service.

One aspect included in the new rule was a $600 self-generation meter charge, which was proposed by Electrical Engineering and Operations Department manager Ed Jeffers and incited opposition in Director Fernandes.

"I have some concerns with that $600 charge," reported Director Fernandes. "To be clear, everyone that is currently in net metering essentially got a free pass, however from now on everybody is going to have pay cost of service for that meter."

"This is the cost to upgrade the residential meter from the meter it is today to a net meter, which is a $460 meter charge," said Jeffers in response. "Additionally, we have an hour in there for inspection and installation, as well as a vehicle, so it adds up to $600 to put that new meter in."

According to Jeffers, it is arguable that TID should have implemented this $600 charge before.

The Board voted 3-0 in favor of the revisions to the electric service rules and the electric service schedule of charges. Director Joe Alamo recused from the vote due to a personal conflict and Director Rob Santos was absent.

With their approval, the Board also moved forward with revisions to Electric Service Rule 9, which will put customers on a cash-only basis in the event that the water district receives two dishonored checks, as well as Electric Service Rule 15, which will reduce the amount of free footage along public roadways for qualifying customers.