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Letters to the Editor published July 21, 2010
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Supercenter a good idea

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Reasons we should have the Walmart Supercenter at Service and Mitchell roads in the city of Ceres:

1). Tax money into city coffers.

2). Creates jobs. Hint, hint. We need them.

3). Very convenient location. The store will attract shoppers from many small communities which means more tax for the city of Ceres.

4). Great selection of products, including food and bakery items.

5). Very good prices.

6). One-stop shopping.

7). Merchandise is of good quality and their return policy is great.

Now for two cons:

1). May upset one or two blocks of houses at the north end location.

2). May create traffic congestion at Mitchell and Service roads.

This is good for Ceres. Make it happen!

Ernest L. Perryman,


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