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Letters to the Editor published on Oct. 8, 2008
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Many pulled off CHS Centennial

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On behalf of Ceres High School, I would like to thank everyone who attended the 100 year Birthday Celebration activities. It was an incredible weekend of fun, learning, stories, and bonding - old and young getting together to celebrate life at Ceres High School. We are so proud of Ceres High School and the many accomplishments over the years.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the group of people that helped organize the weekend: Carolyn Lynn Padlo, Marilyn Wyatt, Jeanne Nation who also decorated the entrance to the student center, Natalie Hannah who also did a decade table - 1920-29, Bill Inderbitzen, Arlene Vilas, Wanda Moore, Arloa Ramsdell, Jim and Marian Sanders who also did 1908-19 decade table, Mike Corsaut, Anna Graham, Bill Wishon, Deanna Jones, Marge Derby, Janice Ingwerson, Betty Baker, Shannon Breckenridge, Vernon Mays, Reba Giddens, Mary Hobbs, Val Wilson and the class of 1954 for the centerpieces, Paul & Sharon Caruso, Wilda Hyer, Diane Keener, Arlene Machado, Bernice Marchy, Aileen McDonald, Linda Olson, Geri Ottersback, and Diane Verissimo.

Thanks to those who did decade tables - Arlene Intorf, 1930-39, Mary Avila, 1940-49, Carol Long, 1950-59, JoAnne Conley, 1960-69, Valli Wigt, 1970-79, Lisa Mantarro Moore and Nicole Chapman, 1980-89, Amanda Hunt, 1990-99, 2000-08, Kamie Machado.

Special thanks to Kimli Goblirsch and Gloria Ahart, Glenn Driskell - the Doghouse staff and to the Ceres Courier and Modesto Bee for great coverage of the event.

We'd also like to thank all those that donated items for the decade tables, donated money through the ads on the placemats to cover the cost of advertising and other expenses, and those who donated product such as Bill Berryhill, Aquas, and Coca-Cola.

A big thank you to the Soroptimist Club for the birthday cake and many other things they did to help and to the Lions Club for the barbeque.

Thanks to the band, cheerleaders, and dance groups who gave up their Saturday morning sleep to participate.

Special thanks to Nate Cousins for stepping in and being the master of ceremonies for the program and to our mayor and councilmen for attending and bring the proclamation.

I personally would like to add special thanks to Shawna Nunes for her hard work on the Alumni Book and being there all weekend to step in and help where needed, to Kathy Hersey for work on the book, setting up the Friday night end zone party and being the assistant activity director during the whole weekend, Dolores Machado for being in charge of the Decade display in the Student Center, and Bret Silveira for designing the theme for T-shirts, hats, flyers, and our book and for also taking care of many other details.

It goes without saying that we appreciate all the support from the district administration and the site administration.

I also want to acknowledge a very special group of young people - the Leadership classes of Ceres High School. Without their help for each event, we would not have been able to accomplish everything that happened throughout the weekend.

The other very special group on campus is our custodial staff. A big thank you to the staff that worked throughout the weekend to make sure everything was set up correctly for each event.

I could go on and on with thanks and I hope I did not miss anyone, but if I did, just know that from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate the support, help, and work that you all did to make the 100 year birthday a special event. I appreciate everyone that attended Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon. It was so fun seeing old friends and students, and it is something I will never forget. It was a wonderful experience learning about the history of CHS and what an incredible school we belong to whether we graduated from CHS or work at CHS. Thanks again to everyone.

Linda Cooper,

Activities Director,

Ceres High School

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Proposition 2 is for the birds

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Proponents of Prop. 2 would have you believe that laying hens are treated inhumanely and with cruelty. They are telling you that these hens are so restrained they cannot move. The California egg producers have spent millions of dollars and many years perfecting the way that their hens provide Californians with a quality product. They also have perfected conditions that provide laying hens the best possible environment.

California producers have the highest standards in the nation. An unhappy laying hen does not produce what is needed to feed California. Laying hens that are kept in what are called "battery cages" can stand, walk, and flap their wings. They do this in houses that provide them a constant temperature, plentiful feed, and clean water. These houses protect hens from disease and protect the consumer from the same. There has not been one single egg related case of salmonella in California in well over 10 years.

Would it not be great if all humans lived in an environment that protects them from the extreme heat or cold? Would it not be great if all humans went to sleep at night having had enough to eat and access to clean drinking water?

Please do not be misled. Please vote no on Proposition 2.

Jerry Nance,


* * * * * * * *

Measure U will enhance education

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As a parent here in Ceres and my children doing to Ceres schools, I want to say that I support Measure U and am very proud to see so many of my neighbors doing the same thing.

Measure U is an opportunity for us to continue the progress of our schools and to enhance the career and vocational education program.

Trina Goblirsch,