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Gov. Brown needs to cut water going to L.A.

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Governor Jerry Brown wants us to cut our water by 25 percent. Did Brown cut the water going into the California Aqueduct to Los Angeles 25 percent?

In my opinion Brown wants to take water away from farmers so they don't have water for crops which means food for us. Brown wants Valley famers to go bankrupt so he can take their land for the train from nowhere to nowhere.

Has the drought lowered the Pacific Ocean? Not that I have heard. In my opinion if Brown had a brain he would build desalinization plants where there is water instead of building tunnels where there isn't water.

Remember how Brown tried to stop the filling of New Melones Reservoir? President Reagan stepped in and had New Melones filled. We sure could use a good president again.

Richard Hanson

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