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Yonan has the right stuff

Editor, Ceres Courier,

David Yonan spent more than a month personally walking to more than 3,900 homes in Turlock Irrigation District’s Division 2. The result was both valuable to the people of Ceres who were able to meet David, but also of great value to David as he was able to hear firsthand the issues and concerns of those he would be representing.

For the past two years David has attended the TID board meetings to ensure he is up to speed on the issues of the day and ready to assume the role of director of Division 2. I have not seen such a commitment by an individual willing to give of their time and energy in some time. The art of walking an entire division is not easy and shows a commitment that stands out.

For those of you who met David in person at your door, I have heard it was sincere pleasure to meet someone who wanted to hear your thoughts and concerns. To that end, please join me in voting for David Yonan, Turlock Irrigation District, Division 2.

David clearly has the “right stuff!”

Chris T. Vierra

Former Mayor,


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