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Man assaults paramedics with bottles, arrested
Brandon Fletcher
Brandon Fletcher

Two counts of assault with a deadly weapon have been charged against a 32-year-old man who went on a bottle throwing rampage in the Food 4 Less shopping center at Hatch and Mitchell roads early Thursday.

At 3:43 a.m. Brandon Fletcher was seen breaking bottles in the parking lot and confronted by an ambulance crew. Fletcher responded by throwing a glass bottle at both paramedics, striking one of them and inflicting some pain. Fletcher picked up a second glass bottle and chased the crew back into their ambulance. Both paramedics got into their ambulance and drove off and awaited for police to arrive. 

Fletcher, standing near the Taqueria Lagos Restaurant, was pointed out to Officer Eric Souza. Fletcher was positively identified as the responsible and booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center also on a charge of assaulting an ambulance crew member. 

Mess in parking lot
The mess left behind by Brandon Fletcher who was seen breaking bottles in the parking lot.