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Library draws kids with Legos
Children and their parents turned out in respectable numbers for the Lego Club event held Thursday at the Ceres Library. - photo by DALE BUTLER/Courier photo

Ashley Pacheco and her two sons regularly visit the Ceres Library for books but on Thursday she watched as T.J., Ace and 58 other children aged 3-12 crowded around four circle tables that were covered with an assortment of Legos.

The Lego Club met for the first time, from 3-4 p.m., last week.

"They wanted to come and play with all the other kids," said Pacheco. "We're here for every craft. This is their favorite thing to do."

T.J., 8, and Ace, 3, built a house and brick wall, respectively, during the hour-long play session.

"The thing I like about Legos is you can be creative with them," T.J. said.

"They really like Legos," added Ashley. "We actually brought in a big bag and donated them. They have a million of them. They're everywhere."

Ceres mother Suzanna Holson assisted son Charles Taijeron, 4, and nephew Israel Delatorre, 6, at a neighboring table.

"They have so many fun things to do over here," Holson said.

"This is the first time we've tried it (Lego Day)," said Josh McDermot, a part-time assistant at the Ceres Library. "We were kind of nervous. We didn't think we'd get this many kids. I'm definitely surprised. It's pretty cool."

Ceres' next Lego Day will be held on Thursday, July 25 at 3 p.m.

"We're always looking at ways to bring kids in," said Children's Librarian Michelle Coxford. "This is a success. Everyone had a good time. I'm excited. We're hoping to make it at least a monthly event."