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Controlling wife changed her son

Dr. Phil is right. I'm finding through watching Dr. Phil that I'm not the only mother whose son has no backbone. He has no sense of direction when it comes to his wife. He doesn't try to mediate. That's not taking sides, that's just remaining neutral. I used to blame her for all the problems but I've finally realized through watching Dr. Phil it's as much his fault as it is hers. She doesn't even have to like me but that doesn't mean that I can't or should not have a relationship with my son or grandchildren. My grandchildren need me as much as I need them. They have robbed all four of us of much fun and many good times together. All she thinks about is manipulation and control. She's rude, crude and worst of all my son goes along with it. We've had many arguments over her and her antics and she sits back and smiles.

But it was also my fault because I, unfortunately, gave her power to control and manipulate my feelings but not so any more. It's sad for me to think of what he has allowed her to do to him, us and this family. What happened to honesty, integrity, honor, loyalty, respect and all the other good things that good people are made of? My son seems not to exist any longer. Who I feel sorry for the most is the children being brought up and influenced by a controlling and self-absorbed woman. These daughter-in-laws who have this power and use it to control lives are some day going to pay the piper. Their rudeness, ungraciousness and back-biting is going to jump up and bite them in the butt one of these days, just like Dr. Phil says and I agree.

Sons, love your mothers and be good to them. Remember, they did without to provide for you and made many other sacrifices on your behalf. Don't let anyone rob you of your chance to be a good and honorable person and son. And when Mom is gone you will have no regrets.