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Sound Off! calls published April 18, 2012
• EBT card for fast food? Really?

I was actually calling in regard to the sign on Hatch Road in front of Long John Silver's. I was just thinking to myself only in Ceres would you see a sign in front of a fast-food restaurant that says "NOW ACCEPTING EBT CARDS." Maybe I'm mistaken but if you're using an EBT card, should you really be eating fast food? Because obviously it's at our expense.

• Surveillance cameras for business lots

The city of Ceres should have a law that all businesses should have cameras around their buildings showing all areas, also on all light poles, especially on Hatch Road between Richland and the freeway. On April 3, between 8 and 9 p.m. I was robbed of my purse at the Auto Zone. I came out of the store and looked around, saw no one, just opened my car door - only two cars near that door and a hand on my mouth and a man saying "Gimme, gimme, gimme," pulling the purse off my shoulder toward my back. When he gets it down to my wrist, he lets go of my back and I could turn and actually see that he was 5' 6' to 5' 7 medium build and wearing black clothes, dark hair. I was screaming as he ran towards Cost Less. I ran to the Auto Zone door and called the police.

People, do not walk alone. I've also been told that things like this happen during the daytime. Something should be done about this stuff.

• She wants another four years of Obama

This is in response to the person about Mitt taking out Barack. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry - President Obama is going to get re-elected. And as a Democrat I had to suffer through eight years of George W. Bush.

I wanted to talk about disrespect as well. You talk about David Letterman. What about Sean Hannity? What about the Arizona governor pointing her finger at the president of the United States? That was respectful? I don't think so. You probably thought that was a great thing that she did.

My other questions is: I'm an animal lover and how can even vote for somebody who put their dog in a crate and tied it to the roof and drove from Massachusetts to Toronto? How could you even think that someone who could do that could be sensitive enough to be president of the United States?

So go Obama and hopefully eighth years further with Hillary Clinton.

• We need to correct the wrong with God

I'm calling about the gun law. I think everyone needs a gun in their house the way things are getting. You gang-bangers I see all the time driving up and down the road ... and you parents need to start watching your kids bring stuff in the house, what kinds of clothes they're wearing. You need to drag them little kids by the butt and take them to church and let them know God's Word. That's what's wrong with the country. God's Word is out of the schools and everything.

Not only that they teach "it's okay to be gay or lesbian." No, it's not. God's Word is not like that so don't say that.

Our laws are so bad, we should have paddles in our schools. When we were kids we were told not to do something ... and we saw the paddle and we did not do it. Now there is so much crime.

Look at the kids that are doing graffiti on the walls and stuff. If you catch these kids and beat the living hell out of them, they won't be doing it any more. They know they have a "right" and know they can get a lawyer who don't care about anything but money.

We need to be told right from wrong from birth. If we had rules we won't be like this. Our country is a shame not knowing God and knowing the red, white and blue.