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Sound Off! calls published April 25, 2012
• Chad has always used his daddy

I'm calling to say that I had a good laugh at Arrollo's letter to the editor. Arrollo said: "I find it very distasteful at the implication that Chad (Condit) would be using his father's name for his own advancement." For crying out loud, that's all Chad has been doing his whole life - riding on Daddy's name and using his contacts to get ahead in life. How do you think Chad got such great jobs in Sacramento anyway?

• Stay out of his trash, you freeloaders

It's a sad day when you can't take your garbage cans and set them in front of your house without the resident dumpster divers going through it. Not just rummaging through but opening bags, dropping contents, and making noises at 2-6 a.m. So what is a Ceres resident supposed to do but to leave their cans in their front yard and have to watch for the garbage truck to come rolling by? Yet the garbage rates keep going up in part because these thieves take the money the city would normally get and the rest of us taxpayers keep getting shafted because of these freeloaders.

• Not happy about Courier moving

After reading about the Courier moving to Turlock I was not happy. You did put a positive spin on it by suggesting downtown would get more traffic with a different business and I applaud you for looking at the bright side. I'm not happy because the Ceres Courier should stay in the town that it is named for. We, as a city, have seen business move out of Ceres or build a new store and leave the old buildings empty. We need to keep business in Ceres and it doesn't look good or feel right to have our newspaper in a different town. I, for one, want the Courier to stay in Ceres and I'm sure that there are many others in our community that feel the same way.

• Regrets not stopping in to say hi

I can't believe you guys are moving. Most every time I drive down the road to go to Wells Fargo, for the past 17 years (long for me), I look at all the buildings and enjoy the history. It should go without saying that the Courier is a big part of that history. I often think about stopping in to talk history and learn some. It was a thought I always enjoyed, I just never followed through. I always allowed one thing or another in life to cause me to regularly say, "Next time." It's hard to accept that I have lost that pleasure, even if I never did follow through.

• Purse snatcher needs to go and die

To the SOB who snatched the 78-year-old woman's purse, I would have paid to have been there. A low-life SOB such as yourself, I would muster every ounce in my body to whip the holy living s--- out of you. You're a pathetic excuse of a person to the human race. Where is your respect - respect in even yourself? I would graciously live under a bridge slowly freezing and starving to death than to commit such an act. At least I could live with myself. Have enough remorse to ask for forgivness be it here in the Courier, or in private to your maker.

• Use blinkers, you inconsiderate drivers!

I was just out running errands in Ceres and just had to get this off my chest. People use your blinkers! I have no idea why people do not use them. But they make quite a bit of sense when you're driving. It is there to tell other drivers at unprotected lights that you are wanting to turn. It also tells other drivers that you are wanting to merge into the lane that they are currently in. It also tells drivers that are behind you to "please watch out for me. I'm turning up ahead." Please stop throwing your suburban full of kids out in front of me. Not only do I have to slam on my brakes, but the people behind me also have to slam on their brakes and so on.