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Sound Off! calls published March 28, 2012
• All on Chahalis Way have meters

This is in reference to "City missed meter on Chahalis Way." Obviously you don't work for the city so why should you care if the people on Chahalis are laughing in the city's face? What you call "laughing in the city's face" is probably nothing more than someone not worried about how much their water bill is going to be. I live on Chahalis Way and everyone has a meter on our street. You seem to have too much time on your hands, caller. If you are unemployed you should go apply for a job working for the city. We don't worry about your bills so don't worry about ours.

• Nationality is irrelevent to yard sale theft

I'm sounding off in regards to the "Yard sale thief will be caught" in the March 21 Ceres Courier. I don't understand why the lady is basing it all on the Hispanic lady or the "proud Latina." Ceres is a small community and we should be able to fit together but I myself have experienced racism in Ceres. I have experienced racism at a church, in which I emailed the pastor and told him and never got a response back. I've been to a church yard sale and I had racist people say things to me there. Let's concentrate on getting along together. I understand that this lady stole but do we have to display what nationality she is. I think Ceres needs to lighten up on the racism.

• Old yard sale signs aren't being pulled

I would like to know why people who have yard sales don't remove the signs when the yard sale is over with. It sure would make our town a lot cleaner and look nicer. Come on people take down all your old yard sale signs and keep our town looking great.

(Editor's note: Most people are not aware that all yard sale signs not on the premises of the actual sale site are illegal signs in Ceres. That's all explained in the rules for yard sales when anyone obtains a permit, which are also required at City Hall.)

• Great shot but that stunt is dangerous

Hey, Jeff, I just wanted to call and say that you took a great picture of the kid doing a flip on his bicycle. Very nice art. But I just want to caution kids that what he is doing is dangerous and should not be undertaken by amateurs. These kids think they are immune from injury or breaking necks. I just it's been proven that teen boys think they are invincible.

• CARB not interested in solutions

Does anyone know what the (California Air Resources Board) CARB's annual budget is? If so, please put it in the paper since their website doesn't list it.

We all want clean air. The fact is our cars, buses, trains, ships and factories are much cleaner than they were 20 years ago. If you want clean air, here's a common sense approach. Time your major road traffic lights to help traffic flow. Quit adding traffic lights at every intersection and quit adding concrete barriers to center lanes so we can drive around this town. The CARB isn't interested in solutions; it's interested in liberal power.

• Obama gets things wrong many times

President Obama is being taken to task for falsely suggesting that President Rutherford B. Hayes had no interest in technology. In fact, as Politico pointed out, Hayes put the first phone in the White House.

Maligning Rutherford wasn't Obama's first mistake of historical proportions.

• Obama made his first historical mistake as president in his inaugural address when he referred to himself as the 44th president to take the oath of office. He was actually the 43rd due to Grover Cleveland serving two non-contiguous terms, Real Clear Politics noted.

• Obama once referred to American troops liberating Auschwitz, which was in fact liberated by the Soviets.

• One of Obama's more notorious historical errors was referring to the Transcontinental Railroad as the Intercontinental Railroad, erroneously indicating it spanned multiple continents.

• In 2008, Obama told Oregon supporters he'd been to 57 states, had one left to go, and hadn't been to Alaska and Hawaii, on the campaign trail.

• He said in one speech cited by WGST the Selma, Ala., march enabled his parents to marry and bring him into the world despite their racial difference. Obama was born four years before the Selma march.

Dump Dufus. Thank him for your soon to be $5 a gallon for gas. Dump the Dufus in 2012.