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Sound Off! calls published April 4, 2012
• No wonder state is going broke

Last week I had to pay for a bottle of my brother's medicine because his Medi-Cal wasn't active yet. He received his Medi-Cal card and I went back to get a refund so they could bill Medi-Cal. The clerk said the one I paid for was generic and I needed to go home and get it because they had to give my brother a new bottle and Medi-Cal only covers brand-name drugs. Brand-name drugs are five times plus the cost of generic drugs. I have Blue Cross and they always require me to accept generic before brand. Why wouldn't it be the same for Medi-Cal?

Hmmm, no wonder California is going broke.

• Obama only cares about self, re-election

This president refuses to approve the Keystone pipeline which would provide thousands of jobs for Americans. He does this because he wants the support of the EPA for his reelection only.

He does not care about the state of this country; he cares only about himself.

This person needs to be replaced in November with someone that can get this country back on the right track.

• Contractors low-ball expecting 10 percent

I just want to thank Kline for voting against the 20 percent water project contingency. Every contractor already knows there's a 10 percent built-in so they low-ball, knowing they get an extra 10 percent and they wants 20 percent instead? Any other contractor would never be able to low-ball a bid and expect a 20 percent increase. Why should the ones for the city? Let's bring this budget back where it needs to be and get contractors who are reliable and know what they're doing and bid properly.

• Dog thieves lurking in Ceres

This is to the people who are stealing the dogs that you find sitting outside. Not all of them are unwanted. Mine was on a leash and you know who I am talking about. You pulled up into my driveway to try to steal him. He is worth more than your $100 sale that you already had to me.

So everybody kind of be aware: There is a little blue car with one male, one female. The woman got out on the right-hand side and tried to steal my dog. I forgot to get the license plate but she already had four dogs in the back. So if you've lost a dog, they've probably taken it.

• We all misspeak, Obama included

This is to the person who was writing about Obama getting things wrong many times. I just wanted to say that we all misspeak at times. I even have my bachelor's degree in history and I can still get the answers wrong on Jeopardy. However, I don't think President Obama would say he's never been to Hawaii since that is where he was born and grew up.

One thing President Obama never said was that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 as our previous president had said which we know know were all untrue.

• Black leaders have not got the message

I hope all Americans and the rest of the world for that matter have a good view and heard loud and clear who the true racists in this country are. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, current Black Panther leaders and former Black Panther members like Congressman Bobby Rush and several other members both men and women who are members of the Black Congressional Caucus all came out of their biggot closets on this one. How do these people get elected and take an oath to uphold the law, get a pass on this kind of public behavior and still remain in Congress? Add to the mix the influence of Hollywood elites like Spike Lee giving out what he believes was the address of George Zimmerman but was not, and with the mainstream media portraying Trevon Martin as an innocent hapless little kid yet he was not.

I have to ask myself, how in the world this incident catch the attention of so many in positions of leadership while for years turn their eyes away from the carnage of black on black crime and killings. These same leaders have done nothing to address the destruction of black families or the crushing economic burden of black unemployment. This country elected its first black president three years ago. He promised a full post partisan and post racial presidency. He apparently forgot to give that message to America's so-called black leadership. All these people should be ashamed of themselves.